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Homeschool Co-ops

Q. I was interested in part-time enrollment for my elementary school child, but my district doesn’t allow it. What other options do I have for

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Relaxing Summer -Homeschool living - sipping drink on a hammock

The Dog Days of Summer

by Megan Bittner Have you ever wondered where this phrase comes from? You might be surprised to find out that it doesn’t actually have anything

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celebrating independence - homeschool classroom

Celebrating Independence

Celebrate the 4th of July—Independence Day—with more than picnics and fireworks this year! Check out the Homeschool Classroom for some great ideas for teaching the

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Homeschool Virginia Questions and Answers

Birth Dates on NOI

Q. Am I required to provide my child’s date of birth on my city’s Notice of Intent form? A. No, the Virginia homeschool law, §22.1-254.1,

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Why Siblings Fight

Have you ever wondered why your children fight? Does it seem to happen almost without cause? Do you sometimes feel at a loss to know

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