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Homeschool Curricula Resources

Trying to figure out which curriculum to use?

This section is designed to help you wade through the multitude of choices and find curricula and resources that suit your family. If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to call the HEAV office at 804-278-9200 and ask to speak to a curriculum counselor–we are here to serve you!

So How Do I Pick A Curriculum?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, please start with Curricula Concepts for Homeschoolers. This article will help you sort through curriculum choices and decide what curriculum is best for your family.

New Curricula Resources by Subject

Homeschool Material Sources: Places to Purchase These Great Resources

Adapted from The Virginia Homeschool Manual. Compiled by: Vicki Bentley, Susan Brooks, Janice Campbell, & Rachel Ramey

  • HOMESCHOOL RESOURCE CENTER Debra Bell, author of The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling, offers articles and a catalog. 717-838-5273
  • INSTRUCTIONAL RESOURCES COMPANY Susan C. Anthony, a former teacher, carries practical resources for almanac usage, encyclopedia, spelling, and math. 907-345-6689
  • KEEPERS OF THE FAITH Conservative books, many old books reprinted, and home of Keepers at Home and Contenders for the Faith clubs, which are locally-based Christian children’s groups similar in concept to secular Scouts organizations. 906-663-6881
  • LIFETIME BOOKS AND GIFTS The Always Incomplete Catalogue. You’ll find most of the books and tapes listed in this resource section, as well as many more, in this nicely written 391-page catalogue. 305-248-1271
  • MOTT MEDIA Carries wonderful biographies, reprints of 19th-century textbooks, and all books written by Dr. Ruth Beechick. 800-421-6645
  • NOBLE PUBLISHING ASSOCIATION Books and resources by Gregg Harris and others. Publishes the Homeschool Titles catalogue. 360-258-3119
  • NOTGRASS HISTORY History and social studies resources, including Exploring America, Exploring World History, America the Beautiful, and Uncle Sam and You 800-211-8793
  • RAINBOW RESOURCE CENTER Large selection of discounted homeschool books, curriculum, and supplies. 888-841-3456
  • SONLIGHT 303-730-6292
  • STANDARD BOOKS Discounts on Aristoplay games. 540-788-1312
  • THE SYCAMORE TREE Carries a variety of books and resources. 714-668-1343
  • TIMBERDOODLE Unusual and creative selection of homeschool books and supplies, including a wide selection of hands-on materials. 360-426-0672
  • TOBIN’S LAB Science resources and more. 540-937-7173
  • TRIVIUM PURSUIT The Bluedorns’ site for classical education includes many helpful articles. 309-537-3641
  • USBORNE BOOKS Colorful, educational books from Britain. 800-475-4522
  • VERITAS PRESS A full-service curriculum provider specializing in classical education. 800-922-5082
  • WHOLE HEART MINISTRIES Clay and Sally Clarkson offer their own books and others, chosen to help families be “whole-hearted.” 800-311-2146