Chuck Black

Perfect Praise Publishing Chuck Black Convention Feature Speaker A former F-16 fighter pilot and tactical combat communications engineer, is the author of seventeen novels, including

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Kathy Kuhl

Learn Differently Kathy Kuhl Convention Feature Speaker Kathy coaches parents teaching children with learning challenges. She provides resources, support, and guidance. After homeschooling her creative,


Candice Dugger

Bullied Broken Redeemed Candice Dugger Featured Convention Speaker! Candice is the founder of Bullied Broken Redeemed, and a nationally recognized anti-bullying expert, author, speaker and


Rachael Carmen

Apologia Rachael Carmen Convention Featured Speaker I had it going on—or so I thought. After surviving 63 months of pregnancy, countless sleepless nights, and 35,000+


Kathy Koch

Celebrate Kids Kathy Koch Convention Keynote Speaker Dr. Kathy Koch (pronounced “cook”), is the founder of Celebrate Kids, Inc., based in Fort Worth, Texas, which


Phil Tuttle

Walk Through The Bible Phil Tuttle Convention Keynote Speaker For more than two decades, Phil Tuttle has been a vital member of the Walk Thru

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Ken Ham

Answers In Genesis Ken Ham NEW! Convention Keynote! Coming in June 2022 Ken Ham is CEO and founder of Answers in Genesis–US and the highly

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Ginny Yurich

1000 Hours Outside Ginny Yurich Convention Feature Speaker Ginny is a Michigan homeschooling mother of five and the founder of 1000 Hours Outside. She is

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Hal & Melanie Young

Raising Real Men Hal & Melanie Young Convention Feature Speaker Hal and Melanie are homeschooling parents of eight and the authors of several books, including


Elizabeth Urbanowicz

Foundation Worldview Elizabeth Urbanowicz Convention Feature Speaker Elizabeth Urbanowicz is a follower of Jesus who is passionate about equipping kids to understand the truth of

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Sonya Shafer

Simply Charlotte Mason Sonya Shafer Convention Feature Speaker Sonya Shafer is a popular homeschool speaker and writer, specializing in the Charlotte Mason method. She has

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Susan Seay

Mentor for Moms Susan Seay Convention Feature Speaker As a 20-year veteran homeschool mom of seven, Susan can relate to both the opportunities and challenges

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Marcus Ross

Cornerstone Educational Supply Marcus Ross Convention Feature Speaker Dr. Marcus Ross has loved paleontology (especially dinosaurs) since he was a kid growing up in Rhode

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Andrew Pudewa

Institute for Excellence in Writing Andrew Pudewa Convention Feature Speaker Andrew Pudewa is the founder and director of the Institute for Excellence in Writing and a