Testing Level

Q. Which test level should I use to show educational progress—the one for the current year or the year my child will enter next fall?


Cycling Around The World

The most-watched annual sporting event in the world begins in just over a week, when the Tour de France begins in Copenhagen, Denmark on July


Taxes and Homeschool Expenses

Q. Since I pay taxes, why can’t I get reimbursement to cover my curriculum, co-op expenses, or fees? A. Home education is built upon the concept

women in aviation-homeschool living

Summer Schooling: Women in Aviation

Believe it or not, summer is just a month away! Whether your summer schooling means continuing structured lessons through the season, or relaxing the schedule

Free Class: Math Boot Camp

Multiplication/Division Facts Boot Camp Classes Do you have a child struggling with math? Boot camps are a great way to add multi-sensory games to add