To The Moon And Back

Space Exploration for Kids Did you know the 50th anniversary of the first human moon landing is coming up on July 20? Space exploration is

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2019 Convention MP3

Pre-order MP3

First Time Ever: Pre-Order Your MP3! For the first time ever, you can order your convention MP3 in advance of the convention at a reduced

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Homeschooling with Robots

Teaching robotics and other STEM subjects can be an overwhelming undertaking–especially if STEM is not your specialty!–but it is a fascinating topic with increasing prevalence

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passover lessons

Passover in Your Homeschool

Passover was an important event in both Christian and Jewish history and incorporating a Passover study or celebration into your family’s homeschool living is one

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Where in the World?

A geography unit study can be a great way to incorporate art, history, games, and even some fun outdoor adventure into your homeschool curriculum. Check

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Got questions about homeschooling? Get Answers from HEAV's Yvonne Bunn, director of homeschool support and government affairs!

Achievement Test Level

Q. How do I know what achievement test level I should order for my child’s proof of progress? When ordering an achievement test, HEAV recommends

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Lighthouse for Homeschool Events page

Homeschool Events in Virginia

Find out all about the homeschool events coming up around Virginia!  These are reader-submitted events that run each Wednesday in the Virginia Homeschool Update weekly e-newsletter.

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