Virginia Field Trips

Homeschool families LOVE field trips!

Virginia Is for Field Trips!

Looking for field trip ideas for homeschoolers? We’ve got you covered!

Have you considered all that our great state has to offer? With the ocean and the mountains, its place in Colonial and Civil War history, and its proximity to the nation’s capital, intriguing and worthwhile locations abound!

Whether you want to explore a special topic (just how DO they make potato chips, anyway?), supplement a science or history lesson, or just need a day out, you’ll find something that will fit your needs.

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Discover great field trips, ideas, preparation tips, and inspiration by finding a trip of your interests.

Find all kinds of homeschool field trip ideas near you in Virginia. Field trip listings are by regions.

Homeschool Days are special days set aside for homeschooling families to enjoy the venue at a discounted rate—and in the company of fellow homeschoolers. These åevents often include special programs geared to various age levels. Many Homeschool Days were initiated by HEAV, but the events have proven so popular that MANY museums and historical sites offer multiple days throughout the year.

Field trips, by contrast, can be taken ANY time that suits you and your family. Taking an impromptu field trip to culminate a chapter or unit study–or just to enjoy an on-site experience– are one of the many blessings of homeschooling!

Our advice is to always contact the designated venue for details, especially before heading out the day of the event. 

You can take a field trip any time. Visit our pages for some favorite field trips by interest or region. Can’t get out? That’s okay, virtual field trips abound too!

Want a discount? Homeschool Day events around Virginia that welcome home educators and offer special prices and exhibits. Scheduled periodically throughout the year, these days are set aside for homeschooling families. They are great opportunities to get a good deal AND connect with other homeschoolers. Check out Homeschool Days here.

HEAV works with museums and theme parks across the Commonwealth to arrange homeschool field trips for Virginia families at reduced rates. Enjoy a field trip with other families this season! Can’t make it to Homeschool Day? That’s okay! You can take a field trip any time. Visit our Virginia Is for Field Trips page for some favorite field trips by interest or by region.

Virtual Field Trips

We know! Getting out and about isn’t always easy–or even possible. Virtual field trips are a GREAT option! These specially designed tours let you experience many venues on those days when getting there just won’t work.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. With virtual maps and street views, you could even take a tour of a far-away city like London or Paris without ever leaving the house.