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A Christmas Unit Study

The holiday season is the perfect time to integrate creative, festive themes into your curriculum. One timeless classic that resonates with the spirit of Christmas is Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol. A staple of Christmas literature for over 150 years, it offers not only a heartwarming tale of redemption but also a rich source of creative learning opportunities. Turn the ultimate Christmas classic into the perfect Christmas unit study for your homeschool.

Christmas Unit Study Resources

Check out this mini unit study guide from The DIY Homeschooler for a reading guide and a variety of activities to engage students of various ages. From vocabulary exercises to creative writing prompts, this resource encourages a multi-faceted exploration of Dickens’s work. Foster a deeper understanding of the story’s themes by incorporating some of these activities into your Christmas unit study.

Christmas Unit Study In Historical Context

Every Star is Different offers an in-depth Christmas unit study that includes an entire week dedicated to A Christmas Carol. This resource delves into the historical context of Dickens’s era, exploring themes of poverty, social issues, and the Industrial Revolution. Incorporate hands-on activities, such as creating a timeline of Dickens’s life or participating in discussions about societal issues to add historical and social studies elements to your Christmas unit study.

Christmas Unit Study Through Values

This article from takes a reflective approach to the idea of “Keeping Christmas well.” It emphasizes the values and virtues depicted in the novella, encouraging students to consider how they can apply these principles in their own lives. This thoughtful exploration includes discussion questions, character analysis, and suggestions for personal reflection.

Christmas Unit Study of Well-Rounded Elements

Lara Molettiere from Everyday Graces Homeschool provides a comprehensive unit study for A Christmas Carol, incorporating elements of literature, history, and art. From mapping the story’s setting to exploring the symbolism of Christmas traditions, this resource offers a well-rounded approach to understanding Dickens’s masterpiece. By combining literature analysis with creative projects, students can deepen their appreciation for the story’s nuances and gain a broader perspective on the Victorian era.


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