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Homeschool Resources

Information to help you on your homeschool journey.

Resources on the Virginia Homeschool Law

Home School Legal Defense Association – Nationwide legal support for homeschoolers
Legislative Updates – Free legislative updates on laws and bills that could impact homeschoolers in Virginia
Virginia SOLs (Standards of Learning)

General Homeschooling Research

NHERI – National Home Education Research Institute conducts and collects research about homeschooling, and publishes the Home School Researcher.

Curricula and Material Resources

Learning RX – Hop off the curriculum carousel and discover how your child learns best!

Curricula Resources – Lists of suppliers and some basic guidelines to help you sort through the options

Other Homeschool Publications

Homeschooling Today  – Christian magazine for homeschoolers
Home School Digest – A quarterly family discipleship journal for homeschoolers

Homeschool Resources on the Web

Homeschool Buyers Co-op – Steep discounts on all sorts of books and materials, as well as listings of field trips, contests and scholarships, and other goodies.

Homeschool Foundation 

A to Z Home’s Cool – Every imaginable topic under the homeschooling sun

Home Educators Resource Directory  – “Comprehensive Resources for the Home Educator”

Homeschool Freedom  – Homeschool Freedom is a project of the Alliance, a non-profit organization that supports leaders serving in the homeschooling community. We endeavor to connect, encourage, and equip Christian state homeschool organizations in promoting and safeguarding home education to the glory of God.

Special Needs Resources

Special Education at Home

Fun and Useful Information

Field Trips

Work Permit  [FAQ]

HEAV Publications

The Virginia Home Educator – FREE magazine

The Virginia Homeschool Update – FREE e-mail newsletter

Legislative Updates – Keep current on the Virginia homeschool law

Leader Letter – Support, information, tips, and opportunities for support group leaders

Online Homeschool Transcript Service
 – HEAV’s transcript program will automatically compute your student’s GPA and format your information into a professional-looking transcript.