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Join us live every Friday at 2 p.m. on the HEAV Leader Support Group on Facebook. All past chats are available as recordings. 

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HEAV provides help and resources for anyone in need—and we rely on our members to be able to continue to do what we do!

Through an annual convention, HEAV-sponsored events, magazines and newsletters, counseling, and legislative support, we are here for you—and for thousands of others—any time accurate information and encouragement are needed.

Just $45/year helps keep HEAV running–and gives you a slew of benefits, too!

Homeschool Group Leader Manual

Stepping into a leadership role in a homeschool organization is a daunting task, whether it is an informal gathering of a few families or a multi-site formal co-op. 

We homeschoolers tend to be trailblazers, but this is one task where we can, and should, rely on the experience and expertise of those who have gone before us. 

You may be a seasoned leader with many years of experience or simply contemplating starting a group of some kind. Regardless, we hope this manual prepares you for this task, lightens your load, and protects you against common mistakes.

Download the Homeschool Leader Manual here.

Support Groups

Is your group listed on the support group page? Often, one of the first questions asked by new homeschoolers is, “Where can I find a local group?” Make sure you can be found!

Check out the Support Groups page here!


Sports Groups

Homeschoolers can participate in competitive sports–football, basketball, volleyball, and more are available across the Virginia commonwealth. Do you know of a group that isn’t listed here?

Let us know, and we’ll make sure they are added!

Visit our Sports Groups here.

Free Weekly Homeschool Update (& Beginner Bundle)

The HEAV Homeschool Update lets homeschoolers know what is going on across the state. Plus, they get a free Homeschool Bundle when they sign up. Be sure to connect YOUR members by sharing the image at the left with your group–and don’t forget to sign up yourself! There’s great information here for support group leaders, too.

Legislative Updates & News Alerts

HEAV works to promote and protect homeschool interests in the Virginia General Assembly. Each year the General Assembly introduces as many as 3,000 bills; HEAV monitors the progress of dozens of those bills. We introduce legislation to advance homeschool freedoms and watch for and respond to legislation that could affect homeschooling families. HEAV’s full-time lobbyist garners support from legislators on both sides of the aisle.

Stay up to date with HEAV Legislative Updates and News Alerts.

Homeschool Information in Spanish

Three recorded “How-to-Begin” webinars for Hispanic homeschool families are available on-demand–and free! Hosted by Karim Morato, these workshops provide the same accurate information provided in the Homeschool Crash Course, optimized for a Spanish-speaking audience.  Thanks to a grant from Homeschool Community Foundation, we can offer these workshops FREE for a limited time. Learn more here.

Homeschool Days & Field Trips

Did you know HEAV created the homeschool days concept? More than a decade ago, we worked with museums and historic sites across the Commonwealth to set up field trips specifically for homeschool families in return for the advertising we could give them. Today, homeschool days proliferate across the state, some independently arranged and some sponsored by HEAV. Either way, homeschool families benefit! 

This page links to HEAV-sponsored Homeschool Days.

This page includes a list of many outside events set up for homeschoolers

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