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Subscription Boxes for Homeschool Fun

While they may not be practical for everyday, subscription boxes can add some fun surprises to your curriculum. They could be used to spark interest in a difficult subject, as supplemental activities for a favorite topic, or as an excellent “clutter-free” gift or prize. Explore the cool subscription box ideas in this Homeschool Living for some educational homeschool fun! There are options available for tons of different topics, such as STEM, geography, home economics, history, science and nature, and much more. (HEAV is not affiliated with any subscription kits. Parents should evaluate programs and materials for individual suitability, as they would with any curriculum or lesson plans.)


KiwiCo–this subscription kit offers hands-on science and art projects for students of any age. Age-appropriate topics include science, art, geography and culture, engineering, and design.

Groovy Lab in a Box–geared toward students ages eight years and older, these kits are available for individual purchase or as a subscription plan, and include topics such as “Stitch a Circuit,” “Lunar Launch,” “Blowin’ in the Wind,” “Greenhouses,” and many more.

Geography & Culture

Little Passports–subscription options include “Early Explorers,” “World Edition,” “USA Edition,” and “Science Expeditions.” Students ages three years and older can explore themes like music, ocean, and dinosaurs; “travel” the world one country at a time with souvenirs and hands-on activities from the month’s featured country; or stay closer to home and learn about the United States with activity journals.

Home Economics

Raddish–each monthly box features a theme like “Edible Experiments” or “Ticket to Japan,” and includes three recipe guides and three culinary skill lessons, an item for your child’s collection of kid-friendly cooking tools, a creative kitchen project, conversation starter cards, apron patch, and grocery list. Sibling add-ons, which include additional tools and apron patches, are also available, which makes this an easy kit to share with multiple children.

Reading, Science, and Nature

Ivy Kids–a monthly educational subscription box for children ages three through eight years. The items featured in each box can include storybooks, crafts, hands-on science and nature activities, and more.

Homeschool Science Adventures–these science experiments are structured for family use and geared toward students in grades one through eight. Boxes include all materials needed and require little to no parent preparation before the kids can jump in!


Sparketh–an online subscription which includes new weekly courses with downloadable course files and unlimited access to instructional videos. Tracks include drawing animals, drawing nature, and elements of art and design, with activities like tape art and fluid painting, technical courses like gesture drawing and perspective drawing, and more.


History Unboxed–boxes are available for kids, teens, and young adults in three different time periods: ancient history, American history, and Middle Ages. You can even customize a subscription box plan to include specific boxes from each timeline. Sibling add-ons are available to add additional consumables and craft supplies to utilize the box for multiple students.


Crate Joy Bitsbox–these fun coding project boxes include app-building projects for kids ages six to twelve years. Kids will love exploring what’s going on behind the scenes of their favorite video and computer games.

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