Celebrating Advent In Your Homeschool

Advent is a time of anticipation and reflection for many–and as homeschoolers, we always look for ways to bring our “living” into our “homeschool.” This


Homeschool Play: Piñatas

Homeschooling Through Play: Pinatas by Megan Mora Fuentes Learning through play and games can be one of the best methods for introducing new topics or


Honoring Veterans In Your Homeschool

Veterans make up over 10% of Virginia’s population, the second-highest percentage among the 50 states. As homeschoolers, we have the opportunity to teach our children


Fall Unit Study: All About Bears

by Megan Mora Fuentes Bears are a fascinating animal, but unfortunately some of the fascination stems from misrepresentation and mischaracterisation of bears in the media.


Typewriters & Typing

by Megan Mora Fuentes Typing is one of those skills that seems like a vestige of a past era, but is actually more useful and


Teaching Piano In Your Homeschool

by Megan Mora Fuentes There are a range of physical, social, and academic benefits in teaching music in your homeschool, and you can even incorporate

2021 HEAV Homeschool Focus Group

Homeschool Focus Group

Homeschool Focus Group Welcome to the Homeschool Focus Group! Your experiences and input are important to HEAV and to the entire Commonwealth community. Thank you

grammar and punctuation

Making Grammar Fun in Your Homeschool

Grammar and punctuation can be one of the most frustrating and tear-inducing subjects for students–and even teachers! If you’ve struggled with these lessons in your