Testing Resources

A List of Tests and Preparation Resources


Qualified Evaluators and Private Testers

Find a qualified evaluator or tester on our  Counselors, Testers & Tutors page.

Also, local support groups are a great source for information about evaluators and testers in your area. For a listing of local support groups, visit our support group page, or call HEAV at 804-278-9200. 

Other Assessment Options

There are other ways to show educational growth and progress besides using a nationally normed standardized achievement test. Parents may choose to create a portfolio or have their child evaluated by a qualified professional, or use some other type of accepted evaluation.

More Information

Visit for more information on testing.

About This Page

This list was compiled by the Home Educators Association of Virginia and the Bayith Educator. Special thanks to Sarah Olbris for her help in updating this list.