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Home Educators Association of Virginia offers numerous ways for you to connect with homeschool families in Virginia! Contact Kathleen Lansing at advertising@heav.orgor 804-469-4111 to learn more or to inquire about discounted packages and sponsorship opportunities. We look forward to working with you to let Virginia homeschoolers know about your product or service!

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Print Publications

The Virginia Home Educator Magazine

See specs

Publication dates:

Printed quarterly: December, March, May, and August See artwork deadlines.

Print distribution:

14,000 magazines (20,000 for the spring issue)

Electronic Distribution & Promotion:

Each magazine is available digitally online. View a previous magazine here. We also promote the digital magazine to more than 11,000 e-newsletter subscribers

Magazine Ad Rates and Sizes

Size Color
Inside Front Cover (8.375″ x 10.875″) $2,100
Outside Back Cover (8.375″ X 7.4″) $2,100
Inside Back Cover (8.375″ x 10.875″) $1,900
Across from Inside Front Cover (7.875″ x 10.375″) $2,100
Across from Table of Contents (7.875″ x 10.375″) $2,100
Full-Page (7.875″ x 10.375″) $1,450
Half-Page (7.375″ x 4.8″) $735
Third-Page (2.3″ x 9.7″; 7.35″ x 3.25″; 4.8″ x 4.8″) $560
Classified (50 words) $125
Classified (Banner ad: 125 x 540) $200

Quantity Discount Rates for Magazine

2X 3X 4X 4X Prepaid
5% discount 10% discount 15% discount 25% discount

Convention Program

The program is distributed to convention attendees, exhibitors, speakers, and graduation participants and their families. Your ad receives an enormous amount of exposure as thousands of convention-goers consult their programs over and over again. The convention is held each year in June.

Order Deadline:

April 15.

Artwork Due Date:

April 25.

Program Ad Rates and Sizes

Inside Front Cover (8.375″ x 10.875″)$700 (color)
Outside Back Cover (8.375″ x 10.875″)$700 (color)
Inside Back Cover (8.375″ x 10.875″)$700 (color)
Across from Inside Front Cover (7.875″ x 10.375″)
Across from Table of Contents (7.875″ x 10.375″)$530
Across from Maps (7.875″ x 10.375″)$495
Full-Page (7.875″ x 10.375″)$375
Half-Page (7.375″ x 4.8″)$225
Third-Page (2.3″ x 9.7″; 7.35″ x 3.25″; 4.8″ x 4.8″)$190
Quarter-Page (3.6″ x 4.8″)$150
Sixth-Page (2.3″ x 4.8″)$125
Eighth-Page (3.8″ x 2.4″)$100

The Virginia Home Educator and the Convention Program are designed in Adobe® InDesign® for Mac. All advertising copy must be submitted in a digital format.

Format: Advertisements can be accepted in Adobe® Photoshop® or InDesign® formats, EPS, TIFF, JPEG, and PDF formats. Photoshop®, InDesign®, and EPS formats must include all fonts and associated graphic files, including embedded files.

Submit color ads, including placed graphics, in CMYK format.

Sizes: Please allow a sixteenth inch between edge of ad and beginning of text (except with an eighth-page ad).

Submissions: Ads maybe be submitted via e-mail (preferred) or FTP. Ads for the Virginia Homeschool Update should be submitted at

FTP submissions: Kathleen Lansing at for log in information.)

Disclaimers: Color matching cannot be guaranteed. Ads that need to be modified may incur a fee. Ad sizes may be adjusted slightly to lay out on the page.

Deadlines: Magazine ads are due January 25 (spring issue), April 5 (summer issue), July 5 (fall issue), and October 5 (winter issue). Program ads are due by April 25.

Convention Welcome Bag

$375 for all  2,500 bags

The first 2,500 families attending the convention receive a “Welcome Bag” at the registration desk. You can send an item of ANY weight or ANY size to be included for less than 14 cents a bag. We also promote our Welcome Bag advertisers in two e-mails that go out our entire mailing list. We send one before the convention, letting them know to look for your item in their bag. Then, after the convention, we send another reminding them to support our advertisers.

Use your creativity and imagination to promote your company! Consider including coupons, fliers, giveaways, catalogs, magazines, pamphlets, CDs, etc. Please contact for submission details.

HEAV reserves the right to refuse to include any materials, or to make modifications as necessary.
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Electronic Publications

E-mail Blasts

$700 each

“Blast” your advertisement to more than 11,000 subscribers! We have excellent open and click-through rates.
Only a limited number of spots are sold. Check here for availability, and to reserve a date.

Specs: Please follow these guidelines when submitting e-mail blasts:

  • E-mail should be sent as inline, ready-to-go HTML, and should include a subject line.
  • Images should have alternates.
  • The maximum width is 690 pixels.
  • Use inline styles to help formatting remain intact in different e-mail clients.
  • HEAV will add a footer or a header to the e-mail.
  • Materials are due three weeks prior to run date. You will receive a test for approval prior to the run date.

E-newsletter Ads

The Virginia Homeschool Update, a weekly e-newsletter, is sent to more than 11,000 subscribers. Each ad is prominently placed for maximum exposure.

E-mail Banner Ad

Images grab attention! Your banner ad runs the entire width of the newsletter and is placed for maximum visibility

Specs: The ad will consist of a 540 (w) x 125 (h) JPG or PNG with one link to your website. File size must be under 500k.

Text & Image Ad

The ad will consist of a 150 x 150 JPG, or PNG image; a 35-character bold headline; and 40 words of copy. Please specify a link for the image and indicate which text you will be black and cannot include bold or underlined text, except for hyperlinks, which will be underlined and blue. Please submit your ad using the form located at

Materials are due the Wednesday two weeks prior to the ad’s run date.

Tracking HEAV can track the number of readers and click-throughs to your site. This information will be provided upon request.

Blog Ads

Get noticed! Promote your business with an ad in our blog sidebar. We offer rotating sidebar ads on our blog linke with a link directly to your website! Ads must be submitted as a 125 x 125 pixel JPG with a link, or a button with the link encoded. File size must be under 500k.

Website Stats:

Average monthly page views (October, 2015): 24,500+
Average Daily Unique Users: 1,827

BONUS: Social Media Promotion
Your choice of:
1 Month$501 Facebook Post and 1 Tweet OR 1 Google+ Post
3 Months
$135One Week: 2 Facebook Posts and Tweets OR 2 Google+ Posts
OR 1 Pinterest Post
6 Months
$255One Week: 2 Facebook Posts and Tweets
OR 2 Google+ Posts OR 1 Pinterest Post
12 Months
$450Two Separate Weeks:4 Facebook Posts and Tweets
OR 4 Google+ Posts
OR 2 Pinterest Post

Sponsorship Packages

The Annual Virginia Homeschool Convention is a opportunity to impact more than 12,000 convention participants, including our high school graduates. We have several packages that give your company year-round repetitive recognition through HEAV’s quarterly magazine to 14,000 families, weekly e-mail Updates to 11,000+ Virginia homeschooling families and leaders, and individual e-blasts, in addition to personal face-to-face communication and networking at the convention itself! Increase traffic to your booth; draw attention to scholarship opportunities; and stand out from other vendors. Kathleen Lansing would love to discuss package options with you, or help you put together a custom package that will suit your needs and budget. Contact her at or 804-469-4111.

General Information

  1. To maintain our compliance with USPS postal regulations for not-for-profit organizations, we cannot accept magazine ads for insurance, travel, or financial offers.
  2. All advertising must be submitted and paid by the deadline or the ad will not run.
  3. All advertisements must be proofread prior to submission. HEAV is not responsible for typographical or grammatical errors, and does not provide a proof for ads. It is understood that the files are set up as the advertiser intends and are approved prior to submission to HEAV.
  4. All ads must conform to the size constraints and specifications listed or HEAV reserves the right to make modifications as necessary. Ads that need to be modified may incur a fee.
  5. HEAV reserves the right to accept or reject ads without comment.