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Whether you are a military homeschool family or a homeschooler entering the military or a military academy, we’ve got you covered!

HEAV is especially proud of our military members, and we’re here to provide you with support related to your service. For specific questions, please contact our director of military support at or call 804-806-5899 Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Homeschooling Families in the Military

According to DoDEA Administrative Instruction 1375.01, Section 3.1, homeschoolers are subject to follow the homeschool statute of the host nation, state, commonwealth, possession, or territory in which they reside. 

In Virginia (as in all U.S. states), residency for compulsory education of minors is determined by where you physically reside, not your state of record or the state in which you own a home. Think of it this way – the state in which your child sleeps at night (outside of vacation time) is the state whose homeschool and compulsory attendance laws that you follow.

Your assignment in Virginia may be short or long, but HEAV is here to support you with your transition into our state, help with training, paperwork, and support while you live in Virginia, and assistance in transitioning out of Virginia when your time with us is finished. 

Military School Liaison

Virginia Military Homeschooling—Military Move and Temporary Assignments

Here temporarily? Waiting on housing? Traveling while transitioning between duty stations? Here is all you need to know on how to remain in compliance with homeschool laws.

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Virginia-Specific Military Benefits

Virginia loves veterans and has many programs for military members, retirees, and family members. Take advantage of these benefits available to you as a Virginia resident.

Homeschoolers Entering the Military

Some recruiters may not understand that a homeschooled student does not need a GED, college courses, or additional testing to enter the military.

A homeschool diploma is equal to a public or private school diploma for entry into the military and qualifies applicants to enter as Tier One, not Tier Two, applicants. If any recruiter states that a GED, college courses, an accredited diploma, or higher ASVAB score are required, contact HEAV for assistance.

Military Academy Homeschool Admissions

Homeschooled students are eligible for and desired by military academies. Below are the links to each military academy’s process for homeschool applicants. Your homeschool diploma is equally valid for admission as any public or private school diploma.

DoDEA Virtual Homeschool:  Expanded Eligibility Pilot Program Admission (E2P2)

The DoDEA Virtual School is now available to homeschooled high school students through the Expanded Eligibility Pilot Program. Military-connected homeschooled high school students without access to a DoDEA brick-and-mortar high school are eligible to take up to two online courses. Space is limited. Submit your application through the website.

Army Emergency Relief Homeschool and Remote Education Assistance Program

Soldiers with children from pre-K to grade 12 and undergraduate college students are eligible for financial assistance for costs associated with traditional, full-time home school education and remote education during COVID-19.

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