Making Grammar Fun

Making Grammar and Punctuation Fun in Your Homeschool

Grammar and punctuation can be one of the most frustrating and tear-inducing subjects for students–and even teachers! If you’ve struggled with these lessons in your homeschool, check out this Homeschool Living for some encouraging and engaging ways to tackle the subjects. September 24 is National Punctuation Day, so what better way is there to teach than to turn a mundane grammar lesson into a fun holiday?

Grammar and Punctuation Creativity

Maybe you’ve never heard of–or “celebrated”–National Punctuation Day before. Check out this funny schedule of activities for commemorating the occasion. Maybe one or two of the activities will catch your attention! (One of the suggestions is to write a letter to a friend, and you’ll find some more great reasons to do that in this Homeschool Living.)

Most people have heard the classic example, “Let’s eat grandma,” to illustrate the vital importance of punctuation in communication. Check out these 11 other jokes and examples of important punctuation differences here.

These five engaging ways to teach punctuation focus on making the applications relevant to the students and using real world examples to capture their attention.

Resources for Grammar and Punctuation

This resource for educational activities shares some great activities like “punctuate with pasta,” creating an apostrophe collage, and energetic games to reinforce the purpose and usage of different punctuation marks. (Note: you will need to create a free account with your email address to download the activity details and instructions.)

This creative use of pool noodles is a great way to practice using different parts of speech and punctuation to craft sentences. Make your own pool noodle “beads” to string onto a cardboard tube or broomhandle for a great hands-on activity with a variety of applications.

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