Homeschool Day Events

HEAV works with museums and theme parks to arrange events for Virginia homeschoolers. Join us at the Mariner’s Museum, Mount Vernon, New Market Battlefield, King’s Dominion, or many other attractions!

Past Events



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Homeschool Day at the Virginia State Fair

Want to enjoy the Virginia State Fair? HEAV has partnered with the State Fair to bring you discount tickets on Homeschool Day at the State Fair!

Day at the Capitol

Join your fellow homeschoolers from across the Commonwealth for a fun-filled day at the Capitol! Make your study of government come to life and make an impact on the Virginia General Assembly during this HEAV-sponsored event!

Leadership Conference

Designed to inspire and stimulate ideas to help support group leaders build a stronger homeschool community, this annual conference is a unique weekend that provides training and fellowship, as well as networking opportunities with other homeschool leaders.

Homeschool Success Seminars

Throughout the year, HEAV offers various homeschool seminars to help answer your homeschooling questions, give you the opportunity to look at a wide variety of resources, and connect with other parents who are facing the same challenges you’re facing. Veteran homeschooling parents will answer your questions and address topics from preschool to college!

Available seminars include:

How to Begin Homeschooling: What You Really Need to Know!

Know the Law: Notifying and Testing Demystified

How to Choose Curriculum

High School at Home: The Path to Success!

Past Events

Raising Kids to Do Hard Things – with Gregg Harris

A“family-wisdom workshop” that provides more than just information about parenting, “Raising Kids to Do Hard Things” holds the family up to the light of God’s Word and reveals the wonderful potential of a godly household. Find out more about this special workshop for the whole family!

Family Economics and Mentorship Conference

A vision-packed, nuts-and-bolts conference on family economics and mentorship! Features visionary keynote speakers, interactive panel discussions, “Business-in-a-Box,” step-by-step ideas to get you started, and a vendor hall with up-and-running family businesses providing a wide variety of goods and services!

Virginia Homeschool Convention

Here are three days that can change the life of your family! Join HEAV for more than 150 workshops, more than 350 booths of resources, and a giant used curriculum sale! Keep current on new events by subscribing to HEAV’s FREE Virginia Homeschool Update!

Homeschool Walk-A-Thons, Bike-A-Thons, and Canoe-A-Thons
Want to raise money for your local homeschool group? Want to plan a fun group outing in the great outdoors? Want to raise money for HEAV? You can do all of that by organizing a walk-a-thon, bike-a-thon, or canoe-a-thon!