songs and prayer of thanksgiving

Songs and Prayers of Thanksgiving

In a season that often seems to focus on overindulgence, being joyful in our circumstances, thankful for the things we already have, and selfless with our time and resources can be hard to do. Thanksgiving seems so often overlooked–or treated as the big kick-off to the Christmas season!–that we forget to slow down and revel in the joy of God’s promises. This week, take some time to examine, reflect on, and take to heart these expressions of thanksgiving, to help you and your family cultivate an outlook of joy and gratitude to take through the whole year.

Prayers of the Past

Robert Louis Stevenson published a beautiful collection of prayers over 100 years ago, and they are still well worth reading today. The first in the collection, “For Success,” has been featured as a popular Thanksgiving prayer–”We Thank Thee”–for decades, and is particularly appropriate for the holiday. Check out the rest of the collection here.

Prayers Unchosen

The essay “Thanksgiving Time” by Laura Ingalls Wilder, shares a poignant childhood memory that gave the author a new perspective on gratitude which she carried all through her adult life. It serves as a wonderful reminder for us to be …”thankful, even tho at times the seasoning of [our] blessings has not been just such as [we] would have chosen.”

Prayers of the Word

Praying the scriptures is an excellent way to keep the Word close, and gain new understanding of God’s will and desire for us. This free printable outlines 30 scripture passages of thanksgiving to guide your prayer, and is easily incorporated into your family or personal devotionals. If you start on Thanksgiving and pray through a new scripture every day, the list will take you right to Christmas!

Prayers in Song

These 16 Psalms of thanksgiving are particularly powerful quotes for giving thanks and finding blessings in all circumstances. Read the passages aloud to truly appreciate the beauty of the words God inspired. Can you hear the music and poetry in them? Many of these passages have been the inspiration for songs you’re probably familiar with. For example, check out these songs for Psalm 89, Psalm 103, and Psalm 136. Can you find more?

Prayers From Pain

This adaptation of an excerpt from Corrie ten Boom’s The Hiding Place is a bittersweet, but beautiful, reminder of how God works through painful situations and can use anything–even bad things–for His ultimate good. Thank God for the fleas!

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