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Have I Become a Homeschooler?

School is closed. Your kids are home. You’re trying to keep up with their school work, and you may ask, “Am I homeschooling?”

Well, yes and no! You are teaching your child at home, but your situation is TEMPORARY. And as long as the schools remain closed, this means you do NOT need to send in a notice of intent or comply with the homeschool laws. No worries!

However, if the schools open, and you decide to finish out the year at home, you’ll need to notify your school superintendent and follow the pretty simple steps to comply with the law.

Home Educators Association of Virginia (HEAV) has been helping families for more than 37 years, and we are here to help smooth your way–whatever you decide!

What Is the Difference?


  1. File with their superintendent a Notice of Intent to Provide Home Instruction.
  2. Are free to choose their own curriculum and can choose any style of teaching.
  3. Are responsible for sending a test or evaluation showing proof of progress by August 1.

Students at home because of school closure…

  1. Must complete the curriculum provided by their school.
  2. Do not need to file a Notice of Intent or proof of progress.
  3. Will return to school when it re-opens.

Considering homeschooling full time? This is a wonderful time to explore your options!
You may begin homeschooling in Virginia any time during the year, even now.

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