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There are a few different dates noted as “Submarine Day,” one of which is this


Springtime is the best time to study the growing things all around you. Plants in

HEAv Virginia Homeschool News Alert

New Update! Thanks to two alert Loudoun County homeschool moms, HEAV was made aware of

Notice of Intent Homeschool Question & answers-person writing w pen

Q. How can I find out if my standardized testing option complies with the law?


Entomology, the study of insects, is a fascinating topic for a homeschool unit study. Whether


by Megan Mora Fuentes You might have already noticed the flocks of birds moving through

A Legacy of Freedom

For 35 years, HEAV has been there for the homeschooling families of Virginia. Today, we are free to homeschool our children, but that has not always been the case. Discover how others have paved the way through hard-won battles–and even threats of jail time–to gain Virginia families the right to educate their children at home.

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