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Q.  Why do I need an HEAV member card when I can buy a homeschool identification card for a few dollars—or even get one free—at homeschool supply companies?

A. The benefit of having a homeschool ID card is that you can often use it at museums and retail stores—office supply stores, bookstores, craft stores, warehouse stores, etc.—that offer educator discounts.

While it’s true that some supply companies will provide a downloadable card free or for a nominal cost, there are several things to consider before going that route.

Privacy: Often, when you apply for a free or low-cost card, you are giving your information to be included in a database for sales, marketing endeavors, or other for-profit endeavors—that’s why it’s free to you. As homeschool parents, we need to be aware of how our personally identifiable information will be used. HEAV has fought hard against laws or policies that would compel homeschoolers to be included in databases or studies. Voluntarily giving up such information is no less problematic.

In contrast, HEAV doesn’t share or sell your information with anyone, ever.

HEAV Homeschool ID Card
HEAV homeschool ID card teacher

Accuracy: Some companies make false assertions that delegitimize the card with inaccurate claims and could erode the understanding of our homeschool rights. Such claims as “the cardholder is a registered home educator” is a “certified homeschooler in accordance with Virginia law” are untrue and unverifiable–homeschoolers need neither be registered nor certified.

Membership in state or national homeschool organizations such as HEAV or HSLDA is nearly universally accepted by retailers who require proof of homeschool status, and your privacy remains secure.

Value: When you become an HEAV member, your two printed teacher homeschool ID cards are a great perk that can save you a lot of money. You also get member benefits throughout the year, including discounts on the convention and other events, free online classes, deep discounts on subscriptions and other homeschool resources, and much more.

Moreover, your annual membership fee, as low as $45, supports the work of HEAV throughout the year and helps us promote, protect, and support homeschooling by providing such things as magazines and newsletters, a website, social media outreach, and year-round counseling services.

Get more information about the benefits of HEAV membership.

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