Holiday Cheer for Your Homeschool

Homeschooling around the holidays can be challenging. Busy schedules, special events, extra activities, and the general excitement of the season all contribute to distractions and delays. Take the opportunity to lean into that excitement and utilize the enthusiasm to spread some holiday cheer from your homeschool to your community–and beyond!

This Homeschool Living features some simple, festive DIY decorations that can be used as lessons in a variety of subjects. These are great crafts to share with friends or neighbors. Consider asking local retirement homes or shelters if you can share decorations with the residents or volunteer to decorate for a homebound neighbor or friend to spread some holiday cheer.

Holiday Cheer in Volunteering

Volunteering is one of the most rewarding experiences you can incorporate into your homeschool life. Children who learn how to volunteer their time and skills develop skills in stewardship, empathy, collaboration, leadership, and problem-solving. Check out this Homeschool Living for plenty of ways to volunteer as a family or individually.

Holiday Cheer of Advent

Another way to spread some holiday cheer is to use your countdown calendar with this twist on the modern Advent calendar that focuses instead on the aspects of giving and serving. Many of the ideas suggested in this 25 Acts of Random Kindness Advent calendar involve spending money, which isn’t always plentiful–especially this time of year. With a bit of creativity, you could come up with lots of ideas that cost very little or nothing, but which bless the receiver just as much. Take the opportunity to brainstorm with your family and come up with new ideas.

Luke and Trisha Gilkerson of Intoxicated on Life (some favorite speakers at HEAV conventions!) share this study, “Seeking Christ After Christmas.” It is an excellent study for the week between Christmas and New Year’s, focusing on the three Magi and what it means to seek Christ in our lives.

Holiday Cheer Through the Year’s End

This article from Sunshine Parenting has some great ideas for year-end activities to share as a family or practice individually. These are some great ways to keep the holiday cheer going and practice gratitude together as you celebrate big and small from last year.

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