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Whether you are a new or retired homeschooler, a veteran of 20 years, or even a grandparent, you are invited to join HEAV to help protect and promote homeschooling freedoms in Virginia.

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to protect the hard-won homeschool rights we have today. HEAV is your voice in the legislature, providing up-to-date information and knowledgeable representation at the General Assembly and with the Department of Education.

. . . you don’t have time to read through 6000 pages

of legal documents each year. HEAV monitors legislative activity, pursues legislation that benefits homeschoolers, and fights proposals that would restrict your freedom to educate your children.

. . . you need to know you’re not alone

on this wonderful, wacky, and blessed journey of homeschooling. You are part of a community that encourages and helps one other, and you have someone to call for accurate information.

. . . we’re stronger together.

Your membership dollars and donations help to equip and encourage thousands of homeschool families.

Your membership helps us offer:

  • This ever-expanding website, which is a treasure trove of information and encouragement for Virginia homeschool families;
  • An improved and expanded FREE quarterly magazine, The Virginia Home Educator;
  • A FREE weekly e-newsletter, the Virginia Homeschool Update, filled with the latest announcements, resources, and events available to Virginia homeschoolers;
  • Full-time, knowledgeable office staff who are on hand five days a week to answer questions and offer encouragement and advice via phone and e-mail;
  • Curriculum counselors with many years of experience who help beginning and veteran homeschool parents wade through the myriad curricula choices to find what’s best for their family;
  • A beautiful and functional office space with a resource center and a seminar facility;
  • In-house Homeschooling Success Seminars for beginners and veteran homeschoolers on a variety of topics;
  • An experienced lobbyist, bill reader, and legislative advisor, who all work to promote and protect our homeschool freedoms.
  • The HEAV Legislative Update, a FREE e-newsletter that covers local, state, and national homeschool issues, legislative information during the General Assembly session, and up-to-date information from the Virginia Department of Education;
  • Day at the Capitol, a one-day event where homeschooling families meet their legislators, learn about Virginia’s government, and observe the legislative process at work;
  • Various Homeschool Days at different museums throughout the year and at the State Fair each October;
  • Seminars and leadership luncheons for local support group leaders;
  • The Virginia Homeschool Manual, our 1007-page comprehensive reference on home education in Virginia;
  • One of the largest homeschool conventions in the country, a gigantic used-curriculum sale, and a statewide graduation ceremony;
  • And more!

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