Discover resources for teaching math at home.

Homeschool Math Curriculum

Adapted from The Virginia Homeschool Manual. Compiled by Vicki Bentley, Susan Brooks, Janice Campbell, and Rachel Ramey. Most of the subject-specific resources can be ordered from the major curriculum suppliers listed under “Homeschool Material Sources,” but publisher websites are indicated where appropriate. Publisher websites often offer additional product information, articles, links to other sites, and free e-newsletters.

An Easy Start in Arithmetic

by Dr. Ruth Beechick
One of the 3 R’s books.


Drills to build speed and accuracy.

Chalk Dust Company

A DVD program with textbooks.

Circles: Fun Ideas for Getting A-Round in Math

by Catherine S. Ross
Hands-on geometry for older children. Available through Barnes and Noble.

Cuisenaire Rods

by Dale Seymour Publications
Hands-on math manipulatives to teach any kind of math.

Delta Education

Books, games, puzzles, and manipu-latives of all kinds.

Jacobs Math Series

High school algebra and geometry with stories, cartoons, and artwork.

Key Curriculum Press

Grades K-12 math program using Miquon Math manipulatives for primary grades, plus the Key to…series.

Making Math Meaningful

by David Quine
Outstanding K-algebra program that explains why, as well as how, math works. Early grades provide scripted narrative instruction method.

Math ‘N Stuff

Sells math curriculum, manipulatives, games, and puzzles.
85 First Street
Keyport, NJ 07735-1503

Math Sense Building Blocks Program

by K. S. Koonce and S. S. Simpson
K-6 manipulative program from Common Sense Press.

Mathematics Online

Ask Dr. Math

If you have a K-12 math problem or even a college math problem, you can get an answer from this website. Search the archives or ask your own question.


Free math website for children, parents, and teachers, with more than 2,000 math word problems classified according to grades and topics.


Well-designed manipulative-based kindergarten through pre-calculus curriculum with parent videos.
888-854-MATH (6284)


Elementary books using math manipulatives to understand math concepts.

Moving with Math

Math curriculum and manipulatives for pre-kindergarten through pre-algebra.

Mortenson Math

Math curriculum and manipulatives with a Montessori-inspired approach.


Math Game by Old Fashioned Products, Inc.
An award-winning math game that is actually fun to play.

Professor B Enterprises, Inc.

A Christian professor’s unique, verbal approach to mathematics uses CDs to teach both the parents and the children.

Ray’s Arithmetic

Nineteenth-century textbooks. The first through eighth grade texts are available in hardcover reprints. Upper-level math is available only on CD-ROM.

Saxon Publishers

Well-reviewed, secular K through advanced mathematics texts with emphasis on practice and repetition.

Sir Cumference Books

by Cindy Neushwand & Wayne Greehan
These entertaining stories help teach and reinforce geometry concepts.

Skip Counting

Video and cassette
Available from Learning Wrap-Ups. Learn the number families while you exercise. Designed for grades K-6 but can be used for all ages.

Systematic Mathematics

DVD-based math modules designed to teach math systematically. Available in individual modules or sets of modules.

Teaching Textbooks

These math texts are written specifically for homeschoolers so the explanations, directed to the student, are very thorough. Grade 5 through pre-calculus are currently available. The company is working its way down, so lower grades will eventually be available, as well. Textbooks with answer keys and optional CD-ROM solutions.

True Math

by Aristoplay
A game teaching numbers, money, size, scale, geometry, and logic.

U Can Do

Math DVD program.