Discover resources for teaching math at home.

Homeschool Math Curriculum

Art of Problem Solving

Art of Problem Solving creates educational materials for motivated students in grades 2–12. Our books, classes, and online resources help students become creative, successful problem solvers.

CalcuLadder™ Math Drills

The CalcuLadder drills are carefully-designed in a sequence covering every area of mathematics skills from First Grade through Pre-Algebra.

DIVE Into Math

Shormann Math is built on a biblical and historical foundation that teaches math as the language of science; a tool used to better understand God and His creation.

Exploring Creation with Mathematics

With Apologia’s elementary homeschool math, your child won’t be learning this year’s math facts so that he or she can go on to the next level. Your child will be learning how to expand his or her world with mathematical knowledge.


Horizons is a brightly illustrated, engaging workbook curriculum filled with consumable lessons and hands- on activities.

Jacobs’ Math Series

Time-tested for nearly forty years, Jacobs’ math series has proven its ability to guide students towards success

Learn Math Fast System

These seven books teach 1st to 12th grade math with a different approach. An approach that allows struggling older students to go from 2 + 3 to high school geometry in one to two years. Younger students will take longer to complete, but it works for all ages, even adults. Students are ready for pre-calculus after reading all seven books.

Liberty Tutorials

Liberty Tutorials, founded in 2010, offers honors level online math tutorials to homeschooled students. Using the WebEx conferencing application, our students enter an interactive online classroom where they receive instruction and participate in class discussions along with their classmates. We use reputable, engaging texts that encourage students to think analytically.

Life of Fred Math

Each text is written in the style of a novel with a humorous story line. Each section tells part of the life of Fred Gauss and how, in the course of his life, he encounters the need for the math and then learns the methods. Tons of solved examples. Each hardcover textbook contains ALL of the material – more than most instructors cover in traditional classroom settings.

Making Math Meaningful

Outstanding K-algebra program that explains why, as well as how, math works. Early grades provide scripted narrative instruction method.

Master Math

Each lesson includes a 10 – 20 minute Video Lesson explaining a concept. Unlike other video math lessons, our videos include “You Try It” sections, where the student is given a problem, asked to pause the video, try the problem, and then restart the video. I then tell them the correct answer and show them how I did it.

Math Essentials

Math The Key to Success in Math Essentials materials teach students the math that they NEED to know. Every lesson is designed in a manner to make math fun and exciting.

Math Mammoth

Math Mammoth offers full math curriculum and supplemental worktexts and workbooks for elementary and middle school (plus some supplemental materials for high school), loved by parents, homeschoolers, and teachers.


Whether your child struggles in math or needs a greater challenge, our proven approach makes believers out of even the most skeptical parents and children.


FREE math website for children, parents, and teachers, with more than 2,000 math word problems classified according to grades and topics.


Our curriculum has 13 levels, extending from kindergarten through calculus. While each level concentrates on a specific set of skills, other math concepts are introduced where appropriate. Each level continuously reviews and integrates topics and concepts presented in previous levels to prepare a solid foundation.

Miquon Math

A hands-on math curriculum for Grades 1-3, developed in the 1960s by Lore Rasmussen at the Miquon School in Pennsylvania. Its tactile lab approach helps children actively explore math concepts, learning by doing.

Mortensen Math

Math curriculum and manipulatives with a Montessori-inspired approach.

Moving with Math

Two fully balanced manipulative-based math programs for home school families to use with ease and confidence. Both Math by Topic and Connections teach the same objectives in the same way – manipulatives followed by practice.

Mr. D Math

Dennis DiNoia, “Mr. D”, has proven results with educational tutoring. Mr. D will build your child’s confidence. Over 20 years of experience in the tutoring and education business with 1000’s of satisfied students!

My Math Assistant

Video lessons, online grading, math facts practice, college test prep, and all the data you need to manage your students’ math. Starts at only $4.99/month.

Nicole the Math Lady

Nicole the Math Lady teaches every lesson in the Saxon Math textbooks in on-demand videos that can be accessed anytime.

Professor B Mathematics

There are two versions of the Professor B Mathematics curriculum for Levels 1 (K -2nd), 2 (3rd-5th) and 3 (6th-8th). The Power Learning version includes a textbook and accompanying workbook. The Instant Master Teacher version includes a PowerPoint Slide presentation and accompanying workbook for each level.

Ray’s Arithmetic

Here you can download for FREE any and all of the Ray’s New Arithmetic books.

RightStart™ Mathematics

RightStart™ Mathematics is a complete elementary and middle-school program that uses visualization of quantities, de-emphasizes counting, and provides strategies and games for learning the facts.


With ShillerLearning, parents have the reassurance that they can provide a high-quality, robust education to their young ones without having to spend time on lesson preparation or investing thousands in curriculum.

TabletClass Math

All the Tools You Need for a Successful Homeschool Math Experience & It’s Affordable!

Teaching Textbooks

Total student and parent independence is the key benefit of our program. No other homeschool math program does EVERYTHING for the parent. Put more precisely, no other homeschool program both teaches AND grades.

Times Tales®

A mnemonic-based program that teaches students to use memory cues for quick and effortless recall of the upper times tables. This right-brain method to mastery is not only a fun and effective way to memorize the times tables, but will also give your students a learning tool that can be used for a lifetime.

The Key To Math Series

A self-instructional, unintimidating, programmed learning series.

UnLock Math

Online math curriculum for grades 6-12 fostering better learning & retention for your student, with LIVE math help & tutoring. Leave math to us. It’s what we love!

VideoText Interactive

VideoText Interactive is an innovative company that is blazing new trails in math education