Discover resources for teaching music at home.

Homeschool Music Curriculum

Adapted from The Virginia Homeschool Manual. Compiled by Vicki Bentley, Susan Brooks, Janice Campbell, and Rachel Ramey. Most of the subject-specific resources can be ordered from the major curriculum suppliers listed under “Homeschool Material Sources,” but publisher websites are indicated where appropriate. Publisher websites often offer additional product information, articles, links to other sites, and free e-newsletters.


Alfred Publishing Company

Music instructional books, software, and supplies for instrumentals.

Bagaduce Music Lending Library

$10/year for lending library that provides music in printed form. Founded in 1983 to collect, preserve, and lend printed music; also provides music education programs.


Carries coloring books of great composers.

Bigwigs of Classical Music: A Complete Guide to the History and Composers of Classical Music

by Ben Lansing Introductory history of classical music for grade 6 to adult that incorporates illustrations and humor to explore the entire span of classical music, from ancient times to today. Available from Rainbow Resource Center.

Davidson’s Music

Music instructional books and cassettes by Madonna Woods.

Dover Publications, Inc.

Carries a coloring book of instruments of the orchestra.

Music Maestro II

Aristoplay game of musical instruments.

Music and Moments with the Masters

A five-year music curriculum to help homeschooling families grow in their love and appreciation of great classical music.

Praise Hymns

Grades K-7 music curriculum.  (Also sells phonics and Bible programs.)

Striving for Excellence

by Ron and Inge Cannon

An excellent audiotape and booklet set that examines biblical principles of music.