Discover resources for teaching science at home.

Homeschool Science Curriculum

Adapted from The Virginia Homeschool Manual. Compiled by Vicki Bentley, Susan Brooks, Janice Campbell, and Rachel Ramey. Most of the subject-specific resources can be ordered from the major curriculum suppliers listed under “Homeschool Material Sources,” but publisher websites are indicated where appropriate. Publisher websites often offer additional product information, articles, links to other sites, and free e-newsletters.


Alpha Omega Institute

Dave and Mary Jo Nutting provide a biblical framework for teaching science. They publish a bi-monthly newsletter Think and Believe and offer a Creation Vacation Bible School, camps, and seminars, as well as a resource center. Young-earth creationists.

(This is not the same as Alpha Omega Publications, which is a curriculum supplier.)

American Science and Surplus

A catalogue with all kinds of incredible stuff!

Ampersand Press

Card games teaching biology, astronomy, electricity, and many more subjects.

Answers in Genesis

Offer books, magazines, videos, and a multitude of young-earth creation resources. Operates the Creation Museum in Kentucky. Focuses on the Word of God as the original source material for the study of science and origins. A ministry of Ken Ham.

Answers Magazine

Magazine published by Answers in Genesis. Young-earth creation perspective.

Apologia Science

by Dr. Jay Wile

High-quality curriculum written by a Christian scientist.

Backyard Scientist series

by Jane Hoffman

Beginnings Publishing Company

The Rainbow: A two-year science curriculum for 12-14-year-olds, with equipment and labs.

The Spectrum: A  science curriculum for high school students, based on The Rainbow curriculum.

Blood and Guts

by Linda Allison

Non-fiction book teaches children about the workings of the human body.

Blue Spruce Scientific Supply

Download a catalog for homeschoolers with live specimens, dissection specimens, and equipment.

Carolina Biological Supply Company

Carries just about everything needed for teaching science.

Castle Heights Press

Offers unit studies and lab books in various sciences.

Considering God’s Creation

Natural science adaptable for grades 2-7.

Covenant Heights Conference Center

Offers outdoor education classes for grades 4-8.

Creation and Journal of Creation (TJ)

Magazines published by Creation Ministries International. Young-earth creation perspective.

Delta Science Modules

Life science, earth science, and physical science kits.

Edmund Scientific

More than 4,000 science products.

Eyewitness Science books

Well-designed books with extensive photographic illustrations.

Facts for Faith

Christian scientific apologetics data update published by Reasons to Believe. Old-earth creation perspective.

Great Science Adventures

Subject books (human body, space, etc.) supply activities and reproducibles suitable for use with grades K-8.

Home Training Tools

Science equipment and supplies company operated from Christian perspective and run by a homeschooling family.

Insect Lore Products

Lots of BUGS!

Institute for Creation Research

ICR publishes a free monthly magazine titled Acts and Facts, a daily devotional, has a graduate school for creation science, a museum that portrays natural history from a young-earth viewpoint, and sponsors trips to the Grand Canyon and Mount St. Helens. Offers an apologetics course called Creationist Worldview.

Master Books

A source of material for children from a young-earth creation science viewpoint.

The NASA Home Page

National Audubon Society

Contact your local chapter through the website.

Nature Friend Magazine

HEAV members save on subscriptions!

Monthly Christian nature magazine.


Nature’s Workshop Plus


LEGO Education

Lego science kits!

Salvation Army Outdoor Education

Will work with families to put together one-, two-, or three-day programs in pond and forest ecology, astronomy, and night hikes. Summer only.


Games designed to help students learn about  the human body.


Alpha Omega Institute Family Creation Science Vacations

Family camp with teaching on creationism.

The Science Company

A source of scientific supplies especially suited for homeschoolers needing small quantities.

Science Made Simple

Website with science projects and experiments.

Science Books

by Janice VanCleave

A+ Projects in Biology

A+ Projects in Chemistry

A+ Projects in Earth Science

Astronomy for Every Kid

Biology for Every Kid

Chemistry for Every Kid

Earth Science for Every Kid

Physics for Every Kid


You receive three science challenge packets per school year. The pen-pal program pairs scientists with children in grades 4-9.

Science Labs-in-a-Box

Are labs in a box right for your homeschool? Designed with busy homeschool parents in mind, Home Science Adventures offers complete complete science kits–with EVERYTHING in the box, including step-by-step instructions.

Science Scope

by Kathryn Stout

Scope and sequence for science skills taught in grades K-12.

Solomon Research Guide

by Amy Bain

A two-volume science guide for grades K-8.

Tobin’s Lab

Hands-on science materials for families.

TOPS (Task-Oriented Physical Science)

Science modules for hands-on learning activities for children grades K-12. Website with sample activities.

U. S. Space Camp

Camps for kids interested in space exploration.

Usborne Science Books

Concise, colorful overviews of science.

Virginia Foundation for Agriculture

Curriculum ideas and activities for elementary and middle school based on agricultural literacy. Topics covered: crops, livestock, water, natural resources, and wildlife.