Spelling and Vocabulary

Discover resources for teaching spelling and vocabulary at home.

Homeschool Spelling and Vocabulary Curriculum

A Reason For Spelling

Lessons teach high frequency base words, plus hundreds of other word forms. Weekly Scripture values-based stories set the theme and help make spelling FUN!

All About Spelling

All About Spelling is a scripted, open-and-go program that teaches spelling in the most effective way possible. This award-winning seven-level program provides complete and comprehensive instruction using the Orton-Gillingham approach

Horizons Spelling and Vocabulary

Includes a colorful student workbook with 160 fun-filled, engaging lessons, user-friendly spelling dictionary with pronunciation guide, and comprehensive teacher’s guide.

How to Teach Any Child to Spell

If you happen to be a person with a strong visual memory you remember how words look. Poor spellers, however, can’t recall how a word should look. In How to Teach Any Child to Spell, Gayle Graham offers a simple solution to the problem: Pull the students’ own misspelled words from the context of their own writing.

Phonetic Zoo

Looking for a new approach to spelling? This phonics-based program uses auditory input to ensure that the correct spelling of each word is absorbed by the brain.

Purposeful Design Spelling Plus

The Spelling Plus series for Grades 1-6 provides so much more than just spelling. It incorporates grammar, writing, genres of writing and literature, Greek and Latin roots and more.

Sequential Spelling

Sequential Spelling is based on the classic Orton-Gillingham approach of multi-sensory instruction and follows the instructional focuses of Structured Literacy, including its focuses on phonology and sound-symbol association (our word families or rimes); syllable instruction and morphology.

Soaring With Spelling

Levels are based on a 36-week school year.

Spelling by Sound and Structure

Though the English language has many irregularities and phonetic exceptions, a good grasp of phonics aids correct spelling. The majority of consonant sounds and some vowel sounds are consistently indicated by the same letter. Other sounds have consistent spelling patterns according to position in a word or syllable.

Spelling for Success

Your children can learn to spell well and enjoy the process, with focused direct instruction and sentence dictation.

Spelling Power

Spelling Power has everything you need to teach spelling words and skills to your entire family to the college level. With Spelling Power, your children will master the 5,000 most frequently used words and key spelling principles at their own pace—in just 15 minutes a day—using research-proven strategies.

Spelling Wisdom

Learn today’s 6,000 most frequently used words presented in the writings of great men and women of history! Now you can have the confidence that you’re teaching the words your student needs to know, using the Charlotte Mason method of prepared dictation.

Spelling Workout

Based on a phonetic model, cross-curricular reading passages, high-interest writing activities, flexible lessons, and motivating activities, help Spelling Workout students move from simple sound-letter relationships to more complex spelling patterns.

Spelling You See

Get ready for a different kind of spelling lesson, with no tests, lists, or rote memorization. It’s a win-win for instructors and students. New to Spelling You See? Use the Checklist for Success to determine exactly what you need.


VocabClass is a fun interactive spelling & vocabulary program that rewards student effort and makes it easy for teachers, homeschoolers and parents to create, assign, assess, and manage word lists.

Vocabulary from Classical Roots

Ideal for students mastering a growing content-area vocabulary in social studies, science, literature, and mathematics – predominantly multisyllabic Greek- and Latin-based words.

Wordly Wise

Provides direct academic vocabulary instruction to develop the critical link between vocabulary and reading comprehension.


Dwane Thomas of Visual Latin fame stars in a zany show teaching Latin and Greek roots, as well as hundreds of English words.