Discover resources for teaching grammar at home.

Homeschool Grammar Curriculum

Adapted from The Virginia Homeschool Manual. Compiled by Vicki Bentley, Susan Brooks, Janice Campbell, and Rachel Ramey. Most of the subject-specific resources can be ordered from the major curriculum suppliers listed under “Homeschool Material Sources,” but publisher websites are indicated where appropriate. Publisher websites often offer additional product information, articles, links to other sites, and free e-newsletters.


A Cache of Jewels and Other Collective Nouns Kites Sail High.  A Book About Verbs Many Luscious Lollipops, A Book About Adjectives Merry-Go-Round, A Book About Nouns

All these books by Ruth Heller teach grammar through poetry and beautiful art.


A grammar card game for two levels of play

Daily Grams

Grades 2-6. Daily review of all grammar rules

Easy Grammar

Grades 4 and up

The Grammar Key

CD-ROM course with workbook

Great Editing Adventures and Great Explorations in Editing

Written by the creators of Learning Language Arts Through Literature.  Students learn and review grammar as they search for the errors in several fun stories.

Harvey’s Elementary Grammar and Composition

Grades 4-6.

Jensen’s Grammar

An incremental approach using a storyline to teach grammar, with incremental review incorporated as in the Saxon math curriculum.

KISS Grammar

This developmentally-based grammar curriculum is freely available online. Additional helpful site navigation information:

Language Arts at Home: The Homeschooler’s Guide to Teaching English Grammar, Composition, and Literature Appreciation

 by Rachel Ramey

Provides information to equip parents to integrate language arts into students’ other studies.

The Latin Road to English Grammar

Available through Schola Publications.

Learning English with the Bible by Louise M. Ebner

Otherwise standard grammar textbook uses scripture as exercises.

Learning Language Arts Through Literature

A complete language arts program including grammar and literature.

Learning Grammar Through Writing

Recommended for use with Learning Language Arts Through Literature.

Shurley English

Workbook-based grammar for grades 1-6 and textbook-based grammar for grade 7.  Uses jingles.

Simply Grammar

revised by Karen Andreola A verbal method of grammar instruction based on Charlotte Mason’s books.

Winston Grammar

Multi-sensory approach to grammar.