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Freedom In Homeschooling

Homeschooling opens up a world of freedom to your family. The adventures, challenges, and experiences unique to homeschooling allow your family to grow and learn together, develop interests and talents it might otherwise have not discovered, and to be grounded in faith and conviction. Learn about the freedom you can find in homeschooling at HEAV’s 41st Annual Homeschool Convention!

Freedom to Teach

Sometimes knowing where to start is the hardest step to figure out. The FREE How-to-begin workshops on Thursday—including Hispanic homeschool sessions in Spanish—will give you the skinny on what homeschooling is and what your homeschooling rights are to give you the confidence to start and sustain your own homeschool journey.

Freedom to Choose

The Exhibit Hall at the HEAV convention is one of the largest curriculum fairs in the U.S.! What better place to exercise your freedom to choose? Curriculum and resources can be overwhelming. The sheer number of resources available make it hard to sift through and find the things that work best for your children and align with your family’s priorities. Visit the exhibit hall to see, hear, touch, and talk about some of the best resources and curriculum for language arts, STEM, special needs, preschool, art and music, foreign language, and so much more! Being able to see the actual items and talk to someone in person about your needs can make all the difference in determining what actually fits your child and encouraging your family to find joy in the learning process.

Freedom to Adapt

There is no one-size-fits all homeschooling—you know that because you know your children and their individual strengths and challenges. It stands to reason that you need the freedom to approach learning in unconventional ways and to try out different learning styles. With homeschooling, you have that freedom! You especially need that flexibility when homeschooling a child with special needs. Check out the Special Needs Conference at the HEAV convention for resources and workshops geared toward homeschooling your struggling learner or child with learning differences. The special needs team is equipped for and passionate about helping you and your child find the “break-through” point in your learning challenges, celebrate the special blessings you’ll find as you approach learning through a different perspective, and utilize the freedom you have to work with your children and give them the tools and confidence they need to learn and grow.

Freedom to Share

Your fellow homeschoolers are sometimes your best resources and support as you move through your homeschool journey. The Conversations and Panel Discussions at the HEAV convention are a great place to find support and encouragement. Join homeschoolers who share your focus—whether that’s a unique family chemistry, exceptional children, dad’s perspectives, facing fears, or teens—for real discussions that can help you embrace your homeschool freedoms.

Freedom to Learn

The HEAV convention is three days full of workshops on almost every homeschooling topic you can imagine!—family and children’s programs, curriculum and resource fairs, connection, encouragement, and much, much more! You are free to explore, ask questions, make friends, share stories, and find the freedom to learn and grow that homeschooling gives you.

In homeschooling, you have the freedom to learn as you go, explore and discover along with your kids, and choose the schedule, curriculum, and activities that work for your family. As you grow and experiment and adapt your homeschool, you’ll demonstrate a lifestyle of learning that will become one of the most important things you teach your kids.

You don’t have to have all the answers right now. Now that is a freeing thought!

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