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Conversations and Panels

What is your focus? A unique family chemistry, exceptional children, dad’s perspectives, facing fears, or teens? Discover your path to individual homeschooling freedom with conversations of freedom-loving and engaging professionals. Only at the convention!

conversations dads perspective

FRIDAY – Session 1
Conversations: Homeschool Dads’ Perspectives ~ Paul Hastings, Israel Wayne, & Troy Simons

How has the role of fathers changed within the family? In American media, the role of a dad has been often marginalized, leaving some wondering what dads have to contribute to the family. This is especially relevant in the busy hustle and bustle of a homeschool family, where mom often leads the charge. Do dads really have an impact today? (Spoiler alert: of course they do!) Join homeschool dads Paul Hastings, Troy Simons, and Israel Wayne as they discuss the vital impact fathers have in forging unity and relationships within the family.

conversation on Freedom

FRIDAY – Session 2
A Conversation on Freedom ~
Paul Hastings, William Federer, Jim Ryun & Abraham Hamilton III

Three freedom-loving professionals will engage in a lively discussion–with differing opinions–on our national and homeschooling freedoms. Join Jim Ryun, a former Olympian and U.S. congressman; Abraham Hamilton III, general counsel & public policy analyst for the American Family Association; and William Federer, prolific best-selling author of American history and president of Amerisearch, will offer their insights. Be prepared for a fascinating conversation on how to love our neighbors through differences of opinions and gain tools to understand our personal roles in defending our freedoms from both obvious and subtle attacks.

Art of Teaching conversation

SATURDAY – Session 4
Conversation: The Art of Teaching Science ~ Chris Davidson, Roger Patterson, Dr. Marcus Ross, & Rachael Yunis

Ever dream of an afternoon of magnifying glasses, journaling, lab coats, goggles, and deep questions from smiling, inquisitive children–only to have a disaster in your kitchen and yet another “failed” experiment? Teaching science can be an eye-opening and exciting experience. It can also be overwhelming and intimidating! Join Rachael Yunis, Dr. Marcus Ross, and Roger Patterson as they discuss the unique challenges and opportunities that science education provides to your family. Find freedom to enjoy exploring science with your children!

Empowering teens conversation

SATURDAY – Session 4
Empowering Teens: A Conversation ~
Paul Hastings, Candice Dugger, Hal & Melanie Young, Mike Schutt, and Anne Miller

With a wealth of experience and wisdom joined together in one room, Paul Hastings leads the conversation with Candice Dugger, Hal and Melanie Young, Mike Schutt, and Anne Miller on what it looks like to navigate the teen years. You’ll discover how to guide your teens to adulthood with confidence while fostering healthy relationships! From tackling challenges to crafting worldviews to simple tips and tricks, this workshop is full of valuable perspectives for families with teens.

Mom Talk conversation

SATURDAY – Session 5
Mom-Talk with Ginny and Ruth ~ Ruth Chou Simons and Ginny Yurich

Do you ever feel like a frazzled ring leader in a circus? A circus where the acrobats are performing on your “nice” furniture, the lions are your children, and the adventures, or misadventures, never cease? Come listen in as Sandra Kim joins Ginny Yurich and Ruth Chou Simons to reflect on everything from the joy in small moments to the deeper challenges each mother faces. From light-hearted laughter to our deepest fears and concerns, join these very real moms for a time of encouragement and tender conversation.

Neurodivergent conversation

SATURDAY – Session 5

Homeschooling Neurodivergent Children: A Panel Discussion ~ Michelle Brownell, Rachel Anderson, Sarah Collins, Dr. Amy Moore, and Paul Hastings

Neurodivergence encompasses a wide spectrum of cognitive and emotional facets. The desire of homeschool families to create strong, healthy family relationships drives the search for meaningful strategies and support. Join Michelle Brownell, Rachel Anderson, Sarah Collins, and Dr. Amy Moore as they examine what neurodivergence can look like and how to tailor homeschooling approaches in support of various special needs. Gain access to a wealth of resources and tools from industry experts and leave with encouragement in the freedom to homeschool your exceptional children.

Homeschooling Beginning to End Conversation

SATURDAY – Session 6
Homeschooling Conversation: From Beginning to End ~
Hal & Melanie Young, Aimee Eucce, Karim Morato, and Leslee and Eric Wallace

“The days are long and the years are short” is often used to describe the nearly two decades we have with our children at home. Walk with Karim Morato, Hal and Melanie Young, Aimee Eucce, and Eric and Leslee Wallace through the seasons of parenting and homeschooling from the preschool years to launching your young adults. Glean from years of experience, wisdom, and practical advice as these speakers dive into the challenges and strategies of starting and sustaining a successful homeschool journey.

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