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The Art of Juggling

Summer is fast approaching—the perfect time to get outside, try out a new activity, and do a fun, relaxed homeschool lesson. World Juggling Day is on June 15, so this is a great time to introduce a lesson on juggling into your summer homeschool Check out this Homeschool Living to explore the history of juggling, examine the physical and mental benefits of the activity, learn the how-tos of basic juggling, and discover how the lessons you can learn from juggling can tie into your own homeschool balance!

The Art of Juggling: More Than Just a Skill

This beginners guide to juggling is a great simple introduction to learning to juggle, complete with some common mistakes and how to address them, and even tutorials for learning advanced tricks.

This article from Wired is a fascinating look into our brain psychology while learning to juggle, and an exploration into how the skills learned during the process can be applied to other areas of learning and life.

Juggling may not be the most strenuous exercise, but it is surprisingly active, burning about as many calories as walking for the same amount of time. It’s also great practice for motor skills, hand-eye coordination, balance, concentration, and more.

The Art of Juggling: Life-long Learning

Tomie dePaola’s The Clown of God is a beautiful, touching story based on an old French legend about—you guessed it!—a juggler. This literature study from The Grace-filled Life features some great extension activities to tie in with this beloved classic, and is a great way to include your littles in your summer homeschool juggling lesson.

Professional juggler and motivational speaker Jen Slaw shares ten lessons in life balance that she’s learned over twenty years of juggling. Skills like breaking tasks and goals down into smaller, more achievable parts; learning from failure; thinking creatively; and asking for help are all skills that your children will learn and practice through juggling. These are essential skills for creating homeschool balance, but more than that, they are all skills which will help develop an attitude of appreciation for life-long learning.

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