being bold in your homeschool

Being Bold in Your Homeschool

Homeschool freedom lies in being bold. Recognizing your ability to step beyond the boundaries and align your homeschool with your family’s values and goals allows you the freedom to not only impart knowledge, but to instill values, shape character, and nurture a deep-rooted faith and sense of purpose–for your children and for yourself! As a homeschooler, you are ministering to the hearts and minds of the next generation in a way that no other family can. Embracing boldness in your homeschooling journey transforms it into a powerful ministry.

Be Bold in Prayer

You have the freedom to minister to your family with prayer and praise. When you view your homeschool as the mission field it truly is, you are empowered to protect and prioritize it. Embrace boldness by raising prayer warriors and cultivating a spirit of prayer within your homeschool environment. You have the freedom to model a rich prayer life and weave prayer throughout every facet of your homeschool and your children’s lives.

Be Bold to Serve

You have the freedom–and ability–to raise selfless children and instill a heart of service in them that extends far beyond the walls of your home. Being bold in your homeschool means engaging with your community, sharing your skills and time, and leading a new generation of passionate, compassionate, servant leaders.

Be Bold in Endurance

You have the freedom to practice patience–to navigate obstacles in your homeschool and family life with perseverance and faith, and to teach your children to do likewise. Be creative, find the teaching and learning methods that work for you and your family, and don’t be afraid to try again when something doesn’t go according to plan. You’ll discover new ways to help your children grow and follow their passions, and appreciate the freedom they have to do it!

Be Bold in the Journey

You have the freedom to connect and fellowship with like-minded individuals, glean wisdom and support from seasoned educators, and discover innovative resources to encourage and enhance your homeschool. HEAV’s Annual Virginia Homeschool Convention is one of the largest, most vibrant homeschool conventions in the nation. It brings together thousands of homeschool families and passionate speakers and exhibitors with life-changing messages and knowledge.

Whether you’re considering homeschooling for the first time, or have been homeschooling for 20 years, embark on the next step of the journey with boldness and conviction, viewing it not merely as a task, but as a ministry—a divine opportunity to shape hearts, minds, and souls for generations to come.

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