Raising Prayer Warriors

Raising Prayer Warriors

As homeschoolers, we have the privilege of demonstrating a life of prayer to our children as they go through their day. Raising prayer warriors–children who understand the importance of prayer and embrace it as part of their daily lives–is part of a parent’s calling. It is a gift to be able to stop and pray with our children whenever we want. Check out this Homeschool Living for resources on teaching, exemplifying, and living the life of a prayer warrior.

Make Prayer Natural

It is our awesome privilege to pray to the Creator of the universe, and this beautiful concept is something we should delight in teaching our children. This article by Tim Challies emphasizes the importance of modeling a life of prayer in your home and examines the Biblical instructions for teaching prayer to your children. You can also check out these five tips for helping kids learn to pray from What’s in the Bible?.

Make Prayer Personal

One of the most exciting examples of the power of prayer is seeing how God answers it. Consider keeping a prayer journal either on your own, as a family, or both. Take some inspiration from this blog post and create a written history of God’s goodness and workings. Use visual prompts to inspire spontaneous prayer throughout your day, whether that’s praying for healing and safety when you see emergency vehicles, praying for friends or teammates as you head to practices or group activities, or praying for family while you cook dinner. I send cookies to friends and family throughout the year, and something I’ve committed to in the last year is praying for the recipient as I create and pack them, and it’s made an already enjoyable hobby into a time of peace and rest.

Make Prayer Pivotal

Prayer is essential for our spiritual growth. It’s the means by which God has specifically instructed us to commune with Him, a way to deepen and strengthen our relationship with Him, and a reflection of His desire to hear us.

For more ways to incorporate prayer into your daily homeschool life, check out this Homeschool Living.

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