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Teaching and Learning Patience

Patience is a hard lesson to learn–and teach! And yet, one of the greatest blessings of homeschooling is that it allows us the opportunity to focus on the subjects that are most important. Here are some great tips on modeling and teaching patience in your homeschool, activities to practice patience, and more!

Learning Patience Through The Best Model

Like many things, patience is best learned often, early, and starting at home. Explore these eight ways to teach and model patience in your home and with your children.

You’ll find plenty of inspiration for a patience unit study in these Bible stories about patience. Check out these recommended passages and stories, questions for discussion, and key concepts summaries at

Learning Patience Through Practice

They say a picture is worth a thousand words! A visual, hands-on lesson can go a long way in demonstrating concepts as you teach them. Learning patience can be a sweet lesson with this DIY rock candy activity. It’s a simple set-up–all you need is sugar, water, a weighted string or stick–and a lot of patience!
Whether as part of a language arts lesson, a quiet family time, or a bedtime story, these sweet children’s books will help reinforce the concepts of patience as you teach them. You could even see if your local library has them available electronically, or look for inexpensive copies online for a fun surprise.

Learning Patience Through God’s Timing

You can’t truly teach–or model patience–without learning that the end of the wait isn’t always the goal. Learning to recognize the lessons and blessings that are hiding in the waiting period is invaluable–for kids and for adults. This blog post from Prayer and Possibilities shares five ways to be patient while waiting on God’s timing.

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