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Soccer or Football? World Cup Activities for Kids

This year’s World Cup tournament presents the perfect opportunity to wrap up the fall semester with a fun unit study. You can examine a variety of subjects through the lens of a beloved sport. In this Homeschool Living you’ll find great World Cup activities for kids that you can use to explore history, geography, cultural studies, and more!

While the game as we know it now is less than a few hundred years old, the origins of football/soccer date back thousands of years. Explore the history of the game and its development into the sport we know now at

Why do some people call it soccer and not football? It makes sense that the game that primarily involves kicking a ball with your feet be called football, so where did the name soccer come from? The answer is really a fascinating look into changing linguistics and the development of a common game across diverse cultures.

Because the 2022 World Cup takes place in Qatar, the tournament was not scheduled during June and July as usual. Summer temperatures in Qatar can average over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, while November and December average between 70 and 75 degrees–a much more reasonable temperature for outdoor sporting events. You can check out more fun facts, history, and details about this world-wide event here.

Fun World Cup Activities for Kids

Check out these World Cup activities and printables for kids and families for some fun game-themed crafts, language arts games, and geography activities.

These World Cup activities for kids are a great way to engage littles in the fun and learning. Coloring pages and hands-on crafts are perfect for keeping little hands occupied, and World Cup worksheets, story starters, and puzzles are great activities for elementary-aged students.

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