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passover lessons

Passover in Your Homeschool

Passover was an important event in both Christian and Jewish history and incorporating a Passover study or celebration into your family’s homeschool living is one

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Where in the World?

A geography unit study can be a great way to incorporate art, history, games, and even some fun outdoor adventure into your homeschool curriculum. Check

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Virginia Home Education Month

February is Home Education Month in Virginia, and it provides an excellent opportunity for homeschoolers to share their reasons for homeschooling and promote the benefits of homeschooling in

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Valentines Day Activities Homeschool Living Matters of the Heart

Matters of the Heart

February is National Heart Health Month, and with Valentine’s Day right in the middle of it, this Homeschool Living features Valentine’s Day homeschool activities. What better time

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All About Peanuts

by Megan Bittner Are you looking for a fun topic to explore in history, science, cooking, and more? Check out these ideas for homeschool lessons

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Gearing Up for Fall

by Megan Bittner What does your homeschool plan look like? How does it flow through the year? Whether you’re a natural planner or more inclined

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Relaxing Summer Homeschool - sipping drink on a hammock

The Dog Days of Summer

by Megan Bittner Have you ever wondered where this phrase comes from? You might be surprised to find out that it doesn’t actually have anything

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Celebrating Independence

Celebrate the 4th of July—Independence Day—with more than picnics and fireworks this year! Check out the Homeschool Classroom for some great ideas for teaching the

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Father’s Day

by Megan Bittner Father’s Day is this weekend! Explore this week’s Virginia Homeschool Classroom for some great ways to spend time with dad, recipes and

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