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In honor of National Eye Exam Month, Home Educators of Virginia is dedicating our homeschool classroom section of the Update to resources that focus on vision and the eyes.

1.1 Article: “If You’re Dropping Off Part of Your Heart at College”

It’s hard to visualize your precious child off on their own at college. How will they survive? Will they be successful? Have I done enough to prepare them? Tracie Miles, writing at Proverbs 31, offers her suggestions on the do’s and don’ts of letting go.

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1.2 Exams and Nutrition for Healthy Eyes

Eye exams are crucial for your children’s health, but when should your child see an eye doctor? This article explains eye exams for infants and children, as well as what you can expect to experience at the optometrist’s office.

Proper nutrition is necessary for the optimum functioning of the human body. This article identifies the vitamins and minerals essential for good eye health.

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1.3 Parts of the Eye for Preschoolers

Your preschooler can build a model eye by using play dough, paint, wooden disks, and black “gems” using the instructions on this web page.

You can explore the sense of sight with your smaller students using the suggested activities on this blog post.

This animated video can help your preschooler understand how their eyes work.

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1.4 Anatomy and Operation of the Eye

The resources on this page will help you teach your students about the human eye. You will find topics on how the human eye works, how to care for your eyes, experiments, and books about eyes among other things.

Making a model is an excellent way to supplement your study of the eye. This model has the added benefit of being edible.

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1.5 Eye Health

The “Eyes & Vision Science Lesson” from the Home Science Tools Newsletter includes detailed information on the science of vision as well as science projects and experiments.

Your teen can learn about common eye problems, their causes, and self-help measures, as well as when to see your eye doctor.

This infographic identifies health problems that can be identified by a visual exam of your eyes.

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