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Homeschool Literature Study

As the weather gets cooler, a fun literature study is a great way to spend some cozy fall afternoons. Incorporating independent reading and family read-aloud time into your homeschool is just as important as structured lessons. Choosing an author or literature topic can be done by expanding your study on a favorite author, building around a book relevant to your child’s interests, or as simply as checking a calendar for some inspiration. Robert Louis Stevenson, a beloved classic children’s author, was born on November 13, 1850. What better way to celebrate an author’s birthday than by exploring his works and using them to help install a lifelong love of literature? Check out this Homeschool Living for literature study teaching resources, study guides for some of Stevenson’s most popular works, and language arts unit study ideas.

Classic Literature Study

This blog post from Happy Homeschool Nest shares a variety of resources and activity ideas to help you create a fun language arts unit study focusing on some of Stevenson’s most popular children’s works.

Treasure Island is arguably Stevenson’s most popular and well-known book. This study guide features resources for incorporating vocabulary development, creative and critical thinking and writing, and event artistic skills into your literature study.

Building on the Treasure Island theme, check out this “Pirate Science” blog post from Kid Minds. It features 20 kid-friendly activities for exploring engineering, navigation, cartography, and more.

Another of Stevenson’s popular works, A Child’s Garden of Verses, houses a collection of short, simply-structured children’s poems, ideal for introducing younger children to the world of poetry.

Looking for more language arts unit study ideas? You can find a variety of homeschool poetry studies and resources in this Homeschool Living post.

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