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Poetry Studies for Your Homeschool

Connecting with a poem on a deep personal level can be a great joy. It strikes a chord with us and we want to share the emotions and thoughts it brings to mind. However, if literature is not your forte, poetry studies might be a daunting pursuit. Consider a poetry unit study this April–national poetry month. Check out these resources to inspire and enhance your homeschool poetry studies.

While this resource was written with the classroom in mind, there are great suggestions on how to teach poetry even if it is not your favorite subject.

This week-long poetry unit walks you step by step, day by day through a one-week lesson plan on teaching poetry. You can use these plans to introduce your students to poems, poetic devices, and rhyme and scheme. There are also suggestions for creating art based on poems.

Poems are just plain fun to read aloud! Inspire some enthusiasm through the rhythm and imagery in these suggestions or dig up a few of your own favorites.

This list of springtime poetry also includes a suggested activity sheet, a craft, or coloring sheet for each poem.

This poetry unit study, based on Shel Silverstein’s book Where the Sidewalk Ends, is specifically for preschoolers and early elementary students. It’s never too early to teach a love of poetry. You will need a copy of the book (easily found at most libraries) to implement the study.

Download this free guide and help your students analyze poetry like a pro with these seven steps.

Paint-chip poetry is a colorful way to have your students create their own poetry, and can easily be tailored to students of all ages. This would also make a fun family activity and dinner-time discussion.

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