Homeschool Adventures: Geocaching

What afternoon homeschool adventures wouldn’t be made better by the element of a treasure hunt? Geocaching combines the thrill of the hunt with physical activity and a variety of learning opportunities. If you’re looking for a fun, free, new adventure for your homeschool, check out the resources and tips for incorporating geography and survival and safety skills into a family activity in this Homeschool Living.

What is geocaching?

Discover the ins and outs of this fascinating hobby, learn how to plan a trip, and even get ideas for creating and placing your own cache on the official website.

What’s so great about geocaching? Aside from the obvious health advantages of getting outside and exploring nature, geocaching can lead you to some pretty interesting social and educational benefits. Check out these 15 reasons to love geocaching and consider adding it to your homeschool adventures.

Find a place to explore with this list of best caches for kids in northern Virginia. Easy hikes, fun cache placements, and potential swag all make these sites perfect for visiting with the younger adventurers in your family.

Outdoor Homeschool Adventures & Safety

Taking part in outdoor activities as a family provides the perfect opportunity to teach, demonstrate, and reinforce vital outdoor safety measures to help keep your homeschool adventures safe and productive.

This blog post shares a teacher’s experience using geocaching to teach geography, history, and survival skills like map reading, compass use, and logic.

Looking for more ways to teach geography or incorporate it into other activities? Check out this Homeschool Living post on creating a geography unit study.

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