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Geography Unit Study

A geography unit study can be a great way to incorporate art, history, games, and even some fun outdoor adventure into your homeschool curriculum. Check out these ideas for how to create a geography unit study of your own with free printables, DIY games, board games, and more!

Get some tips on creating your own unit study, from defining your objectives to gathering materials and planning your activities.

Explore Ellen McHenry’s “Basement Workshop” for free printable geography games like “Sail the Seas,” “Viking Voyages,” “Digging up Greece,” and “On Vacation Around the World.”

Toddlers and younger children will love creating their own world map with these free printable continents.

If your family loves board games, there are plenty of ways you can use them in your geography unit studies. Check out this list of ten best geography games for homeschool.

Love using games as part of your homeschool curriculum? Be sure to check out this Homeschool Living post on “gameschooling.”

Board games are fun and easy ways to add something extra to your geography studies, but if you don’t have any handy, there are plenty of ways you can create your own simple games with items you probably have in your house. Try these five games to make geography exciting from Blessed Beyond Crazy.

Songs can be a great way to teach new things without even seeming like a lesson; plus, rhyme and rhythm are excellent assistants to memory retention.

Geocaching is the perfect outdoor adventure to add to your geography studies. Take advantage of the warmer weather to step outside for this practically free family activity!

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