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A parent, who correctly notified under option (iv), was asked to provide a copy of her high school diploma instead of the required “evidence that he is able to provide an adequate education for the child.”

HEAV contacted the homeschool liaison to explain the four NOI options in the law as well as their associated evidentiary requirements. Once the law was clarified, Halifax promptly processed the parent’s NOI.

What You Should Know:

  • All parents can homeschool under one of the four notice of intent options provided in the law.
  • The homeschool law provides two choices for parents without a high school diploma and those with a GED: options (iii) and (iv).
  • The common and historical practice regarding the evidentiary requirement for option (iv) is to submitevidentiary requirement for option (iv) is a well-written letter that demonstrates the parent’s ability “to provide an adequate education for the child.”
  • Only parents who notify under option (i) must provide evidence that they hold a high school diploma.
  • References: §22.1254.1(A), HEAV Q&A – No Diploma: Options 3 and 4, HEAV Q&A – Homeschool Option 4

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Patricia Beahr
Assistant Director of Government Affairs

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