Q. How do I comply with Option IV of the homeschool statute?

A. If you choose to use Option iv in order to homeschool, you must provide evidence, usually in the form of a typed letter, that you can provide an adequate education for your child. While Options i, ii, and iii are automatic when evidence is provided, option iv is not. The local superintendent has the responsibility to review the information you provide in order to determine if you have the ability to provide an education for your child.

  • 22.1-254.1 states, “A parent must provide…(iv) evidence that he is able to provide an adequate education for the child.”

Your letter should be carefully written with good grammar, punctuation, spelling, and sentence structure. You may want to include the following:

    • a statement that you are complying with §22.1-254.1(A)(iv);
    • a brief explanation of why you are able to teach your child;
    • a list of subjects you plan to teach (for informational purposes only since the superintendent does not have the authority to approve or disapprove your curriculum choices); and
  • it may be helpful to include brief plans for instructional activities such as how you are planning to teach these subjects or what methods you plan to use.

As required with all four options, you must annually submit the results of a standardized achievement test or evaluation to the superintendent’s office by August 1 following completion of the homeschool year.

A parent who decides to homeschool after the August 15 filing deadline or anytime during the school year would follow the same procedures for option iv. However, if you will be withdrawing your child from government school (not private school), I suggest you take careful steps in order to prevent truancy charges.

First, hand-deliver your letter to the superintendent’s office and ask for a receipt, or mail it certified return/receipt through the post office. Your receipt is evidence they have received your letter. After you hear back from the superintendent in the form of a letter, withdraw your child from school. You should wait to withdraw your child from government school only if you use option iv. The first three options are automatic, but option iv is not.

Yvonne Bunn

HEAV Director of Homeschool Support and Government Affairs

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