GED For Option 1

Q. Does a GED qualify as a high school diploma for option (i) of the homeschool law?

A. A GED is not accepted as a high school diploma for the purposes of homeschooling under §22.1-254.1. However, you do have several other options.

The law clearly states that “any parent” may provide home instruction under option (i) if he holds a high school diploma. If either parent–the mother or father–has a high school diploma, he or she may write a letter or file a Notice of Intent form and attach a copy of his or her diploma; the same parent should also sign the letter or Notice of Intent form.

You can also homeschool under one of the other options listed in the statute, by using a correspondence course or distance learning program, or by providing written evidence that you are able to provide an adequate education for your child.

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