Health Teeth and Dentistry- homeschool classroom

by Megan Bittner

Dental Health Month is in February and National Dentist Day coming up on March 6, now is the perfect time to incorporate lessons on dental health and teeth into your homeschool. Try these 13 wacky experiments and activities with your students of all ages, check out these favorite books about teeth, and browse these resources and research ideas for older students.

Experiments and Activities

This plaque attack science experiment from Virginia Is For Teachers is sure to be a hit with students of all ages.

Use hard-boiled eggs to demonstrate the effects of different foods and drinks on the health of our teeth, and the importance of brushing teeth.

This apple cavity experiment can be used for all age groups; younger students can simply observe the decay process, or follow the lesson plan for older students to help them form a hypothesis and record data.

Using playdough to mold teeth and gums may sound like an activity for preschoolers, but these instructions will show you how this simple activity can help older children learn the function, types, and locations of teeth.

These free printables from The Classroom Creative paired with old magazines and grocery store ads can help students learn and demonstrate what types of foods can be healthy for their teeth.

This giant mouth model made from cardboard and egg cartons is an inexpensive version of the large models you may see in dentist’s offices and is a fun way for younger children to learn how to and practice brushing their teeth.

This creative idea from Too Many Crafts, Too Little Time uses large Legos, playdough, and yarn to teach flossing.

This cute “Race to Loose a Tooth” counting game from Toddler Approved is easy to create and is a fun way for younger children to practice counting skills.

A fun way to teach young children why brushing their teeth is important is this toothbrush painting activity from What We Can Do With Paper And Glue.

This cute apple teeth snack is fun to assemble, and students can name the teeth as they place the marshmallows in the appropriate places in the apple smile.

Growing Book by Book describes how to use recycled egg cartons and dry erase markers to make this alphabet germ game for preschoolers and students working on letter identification.

A smile collage like this one from Education World is a creative way to incorporate language and visual arts into your dental health lessons.

Books About Teeth

George Washington’s Teeth by Deborah Chandra

Just Going To The Dentist by Mercer Mayer

Teeth Rex Brushes His Teeth by Dee Smith

Open Wide: Tooth School Inside by Laurie Keller

The Tooth Book by Edward Miller

What If You Had Animal Teeth? by Sandra Markle

Whose Teeth Are These? by Wayne Lynch

Brush Your Teeth Please! by Leslie Mcguire

Resources for Teaching Dental Health

WebMD offers a detailed diagram of a tooth and its components.

Check out these tips and tricks for teaching and encouraging children to brush their teeth effectively.

This incentive chart from Somewhat Simple is a handy way to help younger children form good habits.

Review this list of best and worst foods for your teeth and discuss with your students how eating healthy foods affects the health of their teeth.

This cool video animates how our teeth develop and grow.

Dental Health Research Resources

An excellent research topic for middle and high school students is the history of dentistry. This lesson plan from Education World includes free worksheets.

Today I Found Out offers some fascinating quick facts about dentistry history.

Browse this history of dentistry in pictures.

Another fun idea is to research some of the ingredients on this list of natural tooth care from WebMD.

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