Curriculum Description Form Incorrect

Q. I received a letter from my superintendent with what he termed the “new forms.” One includes a place to list the subjects and then a blank for the “objectives” of each subject. Is this required?

A. A law that went into effect in 2012 says parents must provide a “description of curriculum limited to a list of subjects to be studied during the coming year.” It clearly limits the description to a list of subjects. Simply list all the subjects you plan to teach for each child and submit it with the Notice of Intent.

The law does not require you to use a superintendent’s form or any form at all. You can write a letter if you prefer. I suggest you use the Notice of Intent form on HEAV’s website that includes only the information required by the Virginia homeschool law.

Be sure to wait until July 1 to send in your curriculum description with your Notice of Intent.

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