Homeschool Curriculum

Q. Can K12 be used as a homeschooling curriculum?

A. K12 curriculum can be used in one of two ways: 1) as the curriculum for a virtual public school at home; or 2) as the curriculum for a homeschooled student whose parent has complied with the homeschool statute (filed a Notice of Intent.)

If a parent requests participation in a virtual public school at home, the public school will supply K12 curriculum. In some localities, the curriculum is free, but others charge a fee. With oversight from public school personnel, a parent instructs the student at home and makes sure the work is complete. Students are required to meet the state Standards of Learning and take SOL tests. Individualized curriculum or curriculum modification to meet the needs of the student is not an option—the student must cover the same material at the same rate as other students. The child is a public school student using K12not a homeschooled student.

In contrast, a parent may decide to homeschool his child and personally select and pay for K12 curriculum as their curriculum choice for home instruction. The K12 curriculum can be individualized for one-on-one instruction, and the student can move forward at his own pace. The parent decides whether he needs remediation or advancement. K12 is used as a means to meet the goals the parent has set for the student. Parents file a Notice of Intent form and agree to supply standardized test results (or an evaluation) by August 1 the following year. In this case, the child is a homeschooled student using K12.

For more information about virtual school concerns, see our Virtual Homeschool page.

There are many online curriculum options that are not associated with public school programs. Each curriculum has its own unique benefits and style, and parents can choose what works best for their own family. Here are just a few options: 

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