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homeschool classroom-solar eclipse

2017 Solar Eclipse

The first solar eclipse to traverse across the entire continent in 99 years will take place Monday, August 21, 2017. While Virginia will not see

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homeschool classroom - hometown heroes - police officer

Hometown Heroes

Emergency services personnel work tirelessly to keep us safe, often working nights, weekends, and holidays when most of us are home relaxing. This week’s Homeschool

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homeschool classroom-not back to school planning-girl black hair with backpack

Homeschool Planning

July is a great time to reevaluate and plan for the upcoming homeschool year. We have collected a few resources to get you started. 1.1

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Homeschool classroom Summer Fun Ideas-toddler playing in sand at beach with pail and bucket

Summer Fun

July is summer fun month. Whether you homeschool year-round or break for the summer months, your children are sure to have uttered the infamous words,

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homeschool classroom-zoo & aquarium studies- shark and fish

Zoos and Aquariums

1.1 Article: “10 Things Your Teen Loves to Hear” 1.2 Zoos and Aquariums for the Family 1.3 Animals and Sea Creatures; Studies, Books, and Crafts

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poppies and crosses- in remembrance

Memorial Day

1.1 Article: “No, After You” 1.2 Focusing Your Family on Memorial Day 1.3 Books, Crafts, Poppies, and Remembering 1.4 Why and How to Observe Memorial

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Homeschool child prayers in the classroom

The Gift of Prayer

1.1 Article: “The Power of Pressing on Anyway” 1.2 The Family’s Guide to The National Day of Prayer 1.3 Teach Me to Pray 1.4 Prayer

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