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Teaching Foreign Language In Your Homeschool

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What better time to start a new language course than the start of the new school year? Though it may seem impossible to teach a foreign language yourself–especially if you are not fluent!–homeschoolers have some unique advantages when in comes to studying foreign language. Read on to learn some of the benefits of learning a foreign language, great advice on how to choose a language, and tips and games for teaching a foreign language at home.

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Why to Teach

Anne Guarnera of Language Learning At Home shares advice on why and when to begin teaching foreign language and how to motivate students who may not have the most enthusiasm for the subject.

The benefits of learning a foreign language go far beyond memory improvement and improved study habits. Check out these 12 benefits of learning a foreign language.

Is it harder to learn a foreign language in a homeschool? Explore these seven advantages homeschoolers have in learning a foreign language.


What to Teach

Homeschool mom Caitlin Fitzpatrick Curley shares some resources for exploring and introducing foreign language to your little ones on her blog, My Little Poppies.

Language Learning at Home features tips for teaching foreign language, reviews of and recommendations for language learning tools, and a free resource library for many different languages (email address required for resource library access).

Perhaps you have an older student or high schooler getting ready to start a language course. Here are eight ways to decide what language to study.


How to Teach

Learn how to homeschool foreign language confidently with Anne Guarnera of Language Learning at Home.

Check out this post from Proverbial Homemaker for an overview of common methods for teaching foreign language and ways to supplement your homeschool foreign language course. offers some great ideas for ways to make foreign language practice fun, including 20 games to teach foreign language and vocabulary, featuring group games, online games, and DIY games.

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