Homeschool Q&A

How Do We File as a Homeschooling Family?

Q: Our homeschool family travels a lot. How do we comply with the homeschool law? A: Traveling Homeschoolers Compliance Understood

JROTC Public School Access

Q: Can my homeschool son or daughter participate in the Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC) at a public school?

Private School or a Homeschool Program

Q. How do I determine whether the resource I will be using to educate my child is a private school

Certified Tutor Approval

Certified Tutor Approval Q. I have sent a letter to the superintendent to become a certified tutor under §22.1-254(A). Do

Virginia Law Code: Test Results Submission Best Practices | HEAV

Q. Should my evaluator submit my child’s evidence of progress directly to the superintendent on my behalf? § 22.1-254.1.(C) addresses

Standardized Testing of Achievement

Q. How can I find out if my standardized testing option complies with the law? A. There are hundreds of tests

Standardized Tests for End-of-Year Homeschooling

Q. How do I know if a particular test complies with end-of-year testing requirements? A. I know testing can be

Homeschool Transcript Electives

Q. My daughter takes piano lessons and is starting ninth grade this year. Do piano lessons count toward an elective

Right Way to File a Notice of Intent

Q. My school district sent a link to their Notice of Intent form and said I must provide a Notice

Achievement Test Level

Q. How do I know what achievement test level I should order for my child’s proof of progress? If you

Taxes and Homeschooling

On my tax return, can I claim my homeschool educational expenses as a deduction? A-Unfortunately, homeschool parents may NOT take

Senior Homeschool Transcript

Q. My daughter is a high school senior, graduating this May. How should I reflect the grades for her classes

Homeschooling Mid-Year: Starting Immediately

Q. Can I pull my child out of school RIGHT NOW? He started public school, but it’s just not working. 

Homeschool Requirements: Hours and Days

Q. Does Virginia have a law or guideline as to how many hours a day a homeschooler needs to be

Homeschool Co-ops

Q. I was interested in part-time enrollment for my elementary school child, but my district doesn’t allow it. What other

Notice of Intent with Questions

Q. My superintendent sent a Notice of Intent form and reminder letter with lots of additional requirements. What should I

Birth Dates on Notice of Intent Form (NOI)

Q. Am I required to provide my child’s date of birth on my city’s Notice of Intent form (NOI)? A.

Testing If Moving in the Spring

Q. We’ll be moving out of state in June. Am I required to test and send a copy of the

Homeschooling Someone Else’s Child

Q. Can another homeschool parent teach my son (kindergarten student) since he’s not responding well to me? A. It may

Return to Public School

Q. I’ve just started homeschooling and I may send my teen back to high school next year. I am looking for

Getting Connected with Homeschool

Q. I’m planning to homeschool this year. What is the best way to get my questions answered, connect with other

Independent Homeschool Hearing

Q. I’m not in agreement with a decision my district superintendent has made regarding my homeschooling. Is there anything I

Homeschool Option 4

Q. How do I comply with Option iv of the homeschool statute? A. If you choose to use Option iv

Forgot the Notice of Intent Deadline

Q. Oh, no! What should I do if I forgot to send in my Notice of Intent by the August

Notice Of Intent for Virginia Homeschoolers: A Q&A Roundup!

In Virginia, homeschoolers are required to submit their Notice of Intent to Provide Home Instruction (NOI) by August 15 for

Approval of NOI

Q. I received a call saying they were waiting for the superintendent’s “approval” of my NOI, or Notice of Intent. I

A Private Online School vs. Correspondence Course

Q. I’m planning to enroll my child in an online private school related to a university. Do I need to

Transcript vs. Diploma on NOI

Q. Is there any disadvantage to providing a transcript rather than a copy of a diploma when submitting my Notice

Composite Score and List of Subjects

Q. I have been told that I should teach and submit only what is required by the law and that

Religious Exemptions with Letters

Q. If I want to homeschool under religious exemption, should I have others write additional letters? A. Sending or not