Taxes and Homeschool Expenses

Q. Since I pay taxes, why can’t I get reimbursement to cover my curriculum, co-op expenses, or fees?

A. Home education is built upon the concept that parents are responsible for their children’s education, not the government. Home education is independent, parent-controlled education. Our freedom has been hard-won and maintained, in part, because parents have taken financial responsibility for their children’s education.

If parents begin to take money back from the government for homeschool expenses, we can expect to have more government control. What the government funds, it controls–no exceptions.

Government money means we can expect the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) to adopt policies based on state and federal regulations that determine how the funds can be spent. There could be restrictions on the types of curriculum and equipment we can purchase. The Virginia Department of Taxation will also develop additional tax rules and reporting requirements. In Iowa, for example, homeschoolers are grappling with their state tax department because they have imposed even more requirements than the original law.

Homeschooling thrives because parents are free to make the best choices for their children. Innovative parents work with other homeschool families to enhance learning, share effective methods, and develop a variety of creative resources–all without government funding and the limitations and control that come with it.


Yvonne Bunn
HEAV Director of Homeschool Support & Government Affairs

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