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Yard Games: Learning In Your Own Backyard

National Backyard Games Week begins the Monday before Memorial Day weekend, and is a great unofficial kickoff to the summer season. Take the opportunity to put together some fun DIY yard games, rediscover some old favorites, and celebrate physical activity and family time together. Check out this Homeschool Living for some great ways to incorporate yard games into your outdoor learning and homeschool life.

Homemade Yard Games

Don’t worry if you don’t have a big outdoor space or aesthetic oversized game pieces or equipment. Some of the best yard games are the simplest, and don’t require more than a group of enthusiastic players. These twelve classic yard games can be played anytime, anywhere.

If you’d like to spend some time and creativity building your own yard games, this is a great time to bring the family together for a project. Check out these 25 DIY yard games from Hello Little Home for a great assortment of fun, customizable, affordable tutorials for creating your own games collection perfect for parties, birthdays, family gatherings, and more!

Learning Yard Games

Check out these outdoor learning games from Mess for Less for some fun, active ways to introduce and reinforce concepts in mathematics, phonics, nature studies, science, art, social skills, and more. If you’re homeschooling littles, you might even consider a fun, laid-back homeschool week just using these outdoor learning activities.

Rainy Day Yard Games

It’s easy to look forward to bright, sunny weather and get disappointed when the day turns rainy or cloudy. Don’t forget to embrace the rainy days too! These outdoor learning and play ideas and tips for rainy days from Rain or Shine Mama are a great reminder how our attitudes and reactions influence the attitudes and reactions of our kids. The best way to teach them to appreciate their circumstances and get creative with their learning is to demonstrate it ourselves.

Yard Games From Around the World

Try a creative approach to geography and world cultures studies with these yard games from around the world. You might use each day of National Backyard Games Week to focus on the country of origin for one of these games and learn about the culture and history.

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