Withdraw from Public School

Q. I’m ready to mail my Notice of Intent. What should I do to withdraw my child from public school?

A. First, you should mail your Notice of Intent to your superintendent from the post office by “return/receipt.” By mailing it this way, you will receive a signed receipt showing the date the superintendent’s office received your Notice of Intent.

Afterward you may go to the school office to withdraw from public school. It is not necessary to wait for a response letter from the superintendent before withdrawing your child or beginning to homeschool. You are not asking the superintendent for permission, you are only notifying him that you have complied with the homeschool law.

The school may require you to sign a release form. You may also want to ask for a copy of your child’s records. Under Virginia’s Freedom of Information Act, a parent has the right to have a copy of this information. It may help you know what your child’s strengths and weaknesses are and may give you an idea where to begin. That should be all!


P.S. You may also find this information on beginning after the August 15 deadline helpful.

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