Winter Homeschool Snow Ice Flakes

Winter Homeschool: Snow & Ice

Frigid temperatures and slushy roads will eventually make anyone start longing for spring, but don’t wish that snow and ice away just yet! It’s full of inspiration for fascinating math and science lessons and beautiful visual and language art. Read on for lesson ideas for all ages, and inspiration for creating your own winter homeschool unit study.

Fascinating Winter Snow Facts

These blog posts by Katherine (Loop) Hannon at Christian Perspective discuss several math concepts as they relate to snow, snowflakes, and weather predictions.

Have you ever heard of a singing lake? This fascinating video explores the physics behind the strange twanging of frozen lakes, as well as other sounds that ice makes.

This snowflake science lesson from The Homeschool Scientist includes topics such as how and why snowflakes are formed, instructions for catching some “wild” snowflakes for study, snowflake science videos, printable lessons, and other resources.

This melting ice experiment from Artful Parent will fascinate children–and adults–of all ages. One great thing about this lesson is that you don’t need to perform it in the winter time. If you don’t have a great place to set this up indoors, it’s an experiment worth saving for warmer weather when you can do it outside. (This ice experiment can get messy, so be sure to follow the tips for setting up a safe area to perform the experiment and plan accordingly so that everyone has time to enjoy the lesson.)

Fascinating Winter Writing Prompts

If colder weather has you spending more time indoors, it’s the perfect time to focus on language arts and writing skills. WriteShop offers an array of winter-themed writing prompts for all ages.

These poetry writing prompts and guidelines from Real Life At Home will help inspire students of all ages–and interest levels–to experiment with different poetry styles. You’ll also find great ideas for creating a charming poetry collage, which will make a lovely addition to your winter homeschool unit study.

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